So, yeah, I joined the Army: Day -1

Tomorrow I'll be leaving home to start my service in the Norwegian Army. I have to get up at  about 4:30 PM, get on a bus, travel for an hour or so, visit a military base to sign some papers for a couple of hours, get on a plane and go way up north in Norway, where my base is located. I have a feeling the first few weeks is going to be hell, although I'm mentally prepared for any challenges that may come, I feel like I'm not at my A-game when it comes to the physical part. I think there are others there who are worse off then me, but thinking back, I probably should have started working out a bit earlier. But no worries, I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to get into top shape during the Basic Training. 

 The Armored Battalion coat of arms
 The Armored Battalion coat of arms

 I'll be joining the Norwegian Army Armored Battalion, because I've heard that this is the unit that goes through the most training and field-exercises in the regular army  (not counting  special-ops) and although it is categorized as an armored unit, the bat talion primarily serves in the mechanized infantry role. So hopefully I'll be driving around the Norwegian forests in a CV90. The battalion got an over haul a few years ago, with new weapons, new equipment and new vehicles, and it's now one of the most popular battalions for new recruits.
I will continue blogging throughout my year long service period, and I will also bring my camera so I can post some pictures for you.
It will be a lot easier for me to keep this blog going if I know I have an audience, so if you feel like this might interest you, feel free to follow me :)
Take care.
Note: I won't be able to use my computer for at least 2-3 weeks, because this is against regulations during the first weeks of Basic Training, so the next update will be a while from now. But there are some computers at the base that I may be able to borrow, so we'll see what happens.

VIGGO123: Origins

As some of you watching todays TNT might have seen or heard, the Giant Bomb crew weren't too fond of my nickname, so I wish to elaborate this a bit.
Ok, here's the deal. I know it is a stupid nickname, it's not unique or creative in any way and it doesn't really say anything about me. But it's one I've grown accustomed to.
The weird thing is that my name isn't Viggo, it's Victor.
Back when I was a kid (12 or so), when i first got into online gaming, some of my friends called me Viggo, not really sure how it got started, but they did. I remember my first LAN-party, it was in a large community hall or something, and a lot of my friends were there, so i had to use a nickname people would recognize me by. And due to dangerously small amounts of sleep and a severe lack of creativity that nickname became "VIGGO123"
Over the years I got used to the silly-ass nickname and when I created this account back in early 2009 I didn't plan on getting too involved in the community. Forums and comments wasn't really my thing. But after using the site for a couple of months, I found the videos, wiki and forums very interesting and couldn't stay away.
Up until today, nobody commented on my nickname, but Vinny unleashed a shitstorm comments from the crew and the chat, but at least, now I have plenty off alternatives if VIGGO123 is taken when creating future accounts.
Also, I am not mad or anything, I think it's rather funny and it gave me a good laugh.
I still love GIant Bomb <3
EDIT: I don't use this name in online games anymore, so if you find someone named VIGGO123 while playing Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare, Starcraft 2 or Team Fortress 2, it's not me. But feel free to shout on his terrible nickname!
EDIT2: For those of you who would like to see said incident, click here <--- about 1h36 min into the video. (Aftermath at 1h50min30sec)


13 years of school done. What happens next?

Okay, later tonight (in about 3-4 hours) I'll receive my high school diploma, proving 13 years of hard work and acquiring unbelievable amounts of useless information. Its been a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. The joy and carelessness of elementary school, the awkward phase at middle school and three years of happiness at high school.
Just to clear things up, the education system in Norway is a bit different from that in the States. 

Elementary school span the grades 1 through 7 (age 6-13)
Middle School, or Junior High span the grades 8-9-10 (age 14-16)
And finally, High School, grades 11 through 13 (age 17-19)
Anyways. That is all over and done with. Now, what will I do next? Luckily I have all my plans laid out for at least the next six years. 
In August this year, right after the summer vacation I'm joining the army. Here we have a somewhat optional service period that lasts about a year or so. Approximately  4 out of 10 males between 18-20 years get drafted for service, If you don't want to serve, it's really easy to get out. But I do want to serve, as it will give me a much needed break from school and education.
After my year in the armed forces I will begin my bachelor-degree in journalism at a college in Oslo, this will be three very interesting years, as journalism has fascinated me for years. After receiving my degree I will take a break, before completing the education with a Masters-degree. During this break i really want to travel, you know, see the world. I've traveled quite a lot, but never for long periods of time. I want to go on a cross-country road trip through the States, or backpacking through Europe.
Unfortunately this probably won't happen in the near future. As a student, my economy will be in ruins and I'll have to work to save up money, but someday, I promise you, it will happen.
I want to get my Masters-degree abroad, in either Australia or England. Along side the excitement of living in another country, it will provide experience that might be useful when applying for a job. Hopefully I will end up in gaming journalism, as this obviously is a part of my life. The ideal situation is that I stay in this business until i retire, but I can't really see that happening.
Anyways, just wanted to share my thoughts on the future with the fine members of this site, and also ask this question.
What are your plans for the future? Or, for those of you who might be a bit older. Did your plans turn out the way you wanted? 


You think your graduation party was awesome? Check this out!

In a couple of hours I'm leaving for the biggest party in Norway, this is going to be one wild weekend, but first, a little back story.
So, here in Norway, when we graduate form high school we don't just throw a party at a friends house, we have a cultural tradition over a century old called "Russefeiring."
This is a celebration lasting from the middle of April, to the 17th of May (the Norwegian Constitution Day) where we essentially have a shitload of fun and drink a lot. Although this started out small back in the day, it has now become a month long party. During this month we (the russ) wear colored overalls, where the color represents witch form of education you've got.

    Classic red overalls
 Classic red overalls
  • Red     = General studies
  • Blue    = Economics
  • Green  = Agriculture or farming
  • Black   = Construction work or mechanic
It is also common to buy an old bus or van and decorate them. The buses are outfitted with light and sound systems, some worth as much as $160.000 for the sound system alone. This year there are over 160 of them!  These buses act as a rolling party roaming the streets at night. The vans are "pimped-out" as well, though not they are not expensive as the buses.
During this months there are some major events. Organized parties where famous international artists preform, and over 10.000 "russ" attend. There has already been a couple of them but the largest one is this weekend. The gathering in Stavanger, a major city in Norway is, along side Tryvann, considered the biggest party in Norway. 12.000 russ, a lot of buses, artists such as Tiësto, Benny Benassi and Laurent Wolf, unhealthy amounts of alcohol, and hot girls! 

    Lè Còck 2010
 Lè Còck 2010
As if the party alone wasn't enough, the drive over there is going to be awesome as well. Even though the drive is around twelve hours from 
No Caption Provided
where, I'm sure it will be crazy fun the entire trip. 
We're driving a 87' Chevy Van called Lè Còck, with four comfortable seats and a sofa, also we have installed a good sound system and a 23" TV with a playstation 2, so i doubt we'll be bored. 
If this if you're not jealous by now there is something wrong with you. Anyways here are some clips from the events last year


Quest system

The quest system seems pretty good, but i don't know if I like all these blog posts just for the sake of completing the quest...

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