So, yeah, I joined the army: Day 11

Just a quick update here guys. It is fucking exhausing here, but damn cool at the same time. We've got all our gear, including kevlar-vest and my gun, an HK-4-16.  
The days here are looong, we get up at 6.00 am, then we get about an hour to clean our rooms (and I mean spotles), get dressed, eat breakfeast and line up outside. The rest of the day includes, SLO (dicipline,order,and formations), physical (running, marching,swimming and FYFO) and of course, weapons training (tactics, live fire and so on.) The day ends around 9-10 pm and everyone is too tired to do anything except go to bed. 
 Unfortuneatly I've received an injury to my leg, and i might need surgery, in that case I might have to change divisions, or, worst case scenario, leave. 
Anyways, I might fall silent for a while, they've take away all my personal belongings until further notice, and I don't know when I'll get to use a computer again, also, no pictures yet.  
Take care. 
Note: If my writing or spelling sucks, i'ts because I'm using a crappy-ass computer, and can't be bothered to proof-read.