So, yeah, I joined the army: Day 114

Hey, I have passed the 100-day mark, awesome. Just over 200 days left! 
So, sorry for not posting anything in a while, things have been really busy here, and I had to prioritize, sorry for not choosing you guys before sleep. Anyways, I´m back now, and I got some stories to tell. Unfortunately I don´t have the time to write it all down now, but I´ll give you a little tease. It involves the entire armored battalion, 1000 men strong, making an assault on 2.batallion, leading to a battle that lasted over a week. I get leave for christmas in 13 days, so I´ll retell the entire thing when i get home and have some spare time on my hands.  
A few days ago our captain decided it was time to make us a part of the Assault Squadron 4 family, and after twelve days in the field we got the good news, now we can finally call our selves "Wolverines" with pride, and bear the squadrons patch on our right shoulder.    
I promise I´ll get beck to you guys with a huge post when I get home, and I´ve got pictures and videos as well. 
Take care