So, yeah, I joined the army: Day 179

 Hey guys, first I have to apologize. I've been lazy, and haven't updated you in over a month. The truth is, there hasn't been anything interesting to write about. We've just been practicing the same drills over and over and although we've been on another live-fire exercise with the CV90's, its been a pretty boring month. But the really cool parts of my service is yet to come. We've arrived at such a skill level that we can begin operating as a platoon.
 In the coming months we'll be going through live-fire exercises involving the entire platoon and even the company. Sometime in March we'll participate in NATO's huge, three week long  winter exercise, where soldiers form several European countries, including Sweden, France and the Netherlands, and special forces form the US. This will probably be our greatest challenge yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. 
Expect more regular post in the months to come, since we got a really exciting time coming up. And I've also been compiling a video of my first half-year (wow, has it really been that long?) in the force and will be posting it as soon as its done.
Take care