So, yeah, I joined the army: Day 31

One month! I've been here a whole month, just 11 more to go. It's not really that bad here, the hard parts are nearly over and by the end of next moth I'll be a full-fledged Dragoon. The past weeks have gone by really fast, and my first leave doesn't seem that far away anymore.  

Yesterday, I got back form what must have been the longest five days of my life. My first field exersice. 
Sleeping in a tiny tent with 11 other guys (and the occational girl), barely getting any sleep (and when you do, you get woken up in the middle of the night to move the tent three inches to the left), walking the same 250 yards over and over again for three hours. Even though this was some of the worst things I've ever experienced we did a lot  cool stuff as well, like spending whole days at the live-fire range, practicing combat tactics with blank-shots and watching the officers mow down a brick wall with a machine-gun (a guy in my squad got a video of it, I'll see if I can post it here at some point.)

The last day was probably the best and the worst at the same time, we got to spend the entire day at the shooting range where we practiced sharpshooting and instant fire. I fired between 200-300 shots that day.  After going to bed and sleeping for about an hour, an officer rushes into our tent and screams "GET OUT! GET OUT! THE ENEMIES ARE COMING" We had to get out, gear up, get all our equipment out of the tent, tear it down and get it packed and line up ready to move out, we couldn't use any light or speak loud to eachother because of the strict light and sound-dicipline, and all this withing eight minutes. After spending what seemed like an eternity we were ready, and we spent the whole night marching back to base. When we got back our beds seemed like heaven, but because the officers thought we spent too much time getting back we had to start on todays schedule without sleep, that included cleaning our weapons and checking every piece of equipment for faults, and while that might not be the hardest ting to do, it's hell when you've barely slept. Lucily we got the rest of the day off so we could catch up on some sleep. Overall this week have been really exciting, I've learned a lot of cool stuff and got to know my team mates even better.  

The next week will be pretty boring, with a lot of classroom education and little combat training, but I guess that's a good thing as my body is completely broken at this point, I'll get back to you if anything interesting happens.

Take care