E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games

Vigil80: E3 2011 Most Anticipated Games

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  • I greatly enjoyed Far Cry 2, warts and all. Completed the single player 100%. If they learn from their mistakes there, Far Cry 3 will be fantastic.

  • Not exactly announced at E3, but let's face it, ME3 would be among the most anticipated anywhere it was shown.

  • This looks to be a cut above most of the pack, including the original Bioshock and its underwhelming sequel.

  • Who doesn't love a good multiplayer shooter? This one is poised to be the best. We'll see if they can come through.

  • I had my doubts when I first heard about this latest reboot. But Crystal Dynamics has been the best thing to happen to Tomb Raider so far.

  • The Hitman series has got a special something unlike any other series. Glad to see its alive and well.

  • I'm on my PS3, blowing up your spreadsheets.

  • Drake is endearing to me as an action hero who doesn't make it look easy.

  • I've been a fan of the series since the first divisive game. AC has style, and I can't get enough.

  • Love getting lost in TES. And if Bethesda makes good on the changes promised in interviews and trailers, this could be the best one yet.

  • The Legend of Zelda has given me some of my most favorite gaming experiences years ago. But since the rise of the DS & Wii, offerings have left me cold. It'd be nice if Skyward Sword could bring me home.

  • I like the style I've seen so far, and playing a god, so to speak, has undeniable allure.

  • Love the X-Men, even if it doesn't always get the best treatments. Let's hope Destiny doesn't fall into that category.

  • Been too long since a new Ace Combat. Right now, noone does flight combat better.

  • I have yet to play a multiplayer game on my PS3, for one reason or another. Looking forward to Starhawk changing that.

  • The first game grew on me. It's a series with a lot of potential.

  • I'm a longtime trekkie. While the latest film didn't entirely tickle my fancy, I'm in favor of anything that keeps the franchise healthy.

  • The original slipped under my radar entirely, which seems just as well. But what I've heard so far about Prey 2 has me keeping an eye on it.