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I love it. I love that it's obtuse. I think it makes random battles more interesting because it's an extra thing to puzzle out. Keeps grinding from being mindless.

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@dixavd said:

This thread was inevitable...

Nevertheless, the more interesting version of this thread (to me anyway) is about how in the next five years we'll be hearing the phrase "like Breath of the Wild" with the same frequency has the last five years has been dominated by "like Dark Souls". The two released at critical points where, while none of the individual mechanical pieces are wholly unique, both coalesced ideas in a way that the industry has been experimenting with for many years (and now will be seen as the blueprint for their execution for the foreseeable future).

Oh absolutely. Game Informer did a podcast with several game developers (including Ken Levine) and even they were as stunned by the game as everyone else. There are many lessons in game design to be learned from it. I can see a lot of people using it as a jumping off point to explore new areas of design. I really think we're witnessing a massive redefinition of how open world games work.

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The comparisons are apt, but it still feels like a stretch. Breath of the Wild for sure, for sure, for sure takes inspiration from the Souls games (which ow a lot to Zelda in the first place) but it has such a strong sense of identity that comparing it to anything ends up feeling wrong. SOOOO many journalists have struggled to come up with a way to describe it for this reason.

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The whole Raw gets three to Smackdown's two doomed this from ever making any logical sense. If this were a real sport, giving one side this kind of advantage would be a joke. Of course Raw has the deeper, better roster. They had more picks! Why would Bryan/Shane be ok with this? Try to set up a fantasy basketball draft like this and your friends would riot. Like others have said, Shane and Bryan come off as dopes. Why why why waste a pick on Bray Wyatt when you could have picked "Wyatt Family" for three-for-one value? Especially if you go on to pick another member. If Raw is the longer show is the real reason they had more picks, they should have made it so any undrafted main roster talent went to Raw and given each show equal picks.

To the point of the "wrestling is fake so the draft doesn't need to make sense" sort of agree with this. Obviously the draft is just a mechanism to split the roster how they want it and a week or two from now the logical inconsistencies aren't really going to matter (the question of the logic of the behind the scenes building of the rosters is another matter...). The problem with that though is if the story line doesn't jibe with common sense, why do we care about the story line? Why watch? It SHOULD matter if the draft makes sense or not. Otherwise it's just some things happening with out consequence. Same reason titles just don't matter in WWE.

Oh well. There's still enough good people on each show that at any given time there will be something interesting/good/fun going on. Same as usual. Though it is kind of disheartening that trying to discern the creative thought process of the company is so much more compelling than the product they produce.

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I've been wondering for a while if one exists.

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@zeik said:
@ares42 said:

To be honest, my first reaction to the news was "why?". Was there anyone out there thinking "I really like Overwatch, but it just doesn't have any/enough characters I like" ? Like, there's nothing wrong with it, but it's one of the last things that would get me excited to jump back into the game.

There are characters I like to play, but I can't say there are any healer/support I really love to play. (Unless you count Zarya.) So I absolutely welcome more options in that regard. If she was just another offensive sniper I'd be much less interested.

Yeah the game needs more options at support IMO. I love playing both Mercy and Lucio, but I play them A LOT because rarely do other people solo queueing want to play support. It just gets boring after awhile.

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Yeah she's in on the public test region right now. Her primary fire and grenade heal team mates and damage enemies. It's not an alt fire thing. Played a few matches with her in the PTR Brawl (Only Ana and the Tanks are available). She definitely feels support focused. Not sure how her damage rates, but it doesn't feel too low. All the same you're not very mobile so rather than get in a fight you're going to want to hit the sleep button and get away. Also her ult seems like it could be really powerful. It reduces damage taken and ups damage so pairing it with a tank is a natural fit.

I really like her overall. It's be cool to see how she fits into the game after a week or so when she's more of a known quantity. I hope she's played because I think her abilities are really cool and feel surprisingly flexible.

@gkhan: We also don't know what her movement options are yet. Widowmaker may end up being a lot more versatile for maps with sniper spots unreachable without the grapple (or jumpjet or other vertical boost). Maybe she'll just have a Hanzo clamber or something?

Really interested to see how she works out, especially in relation to Widowmaker. I feel like Ana may be a really great asset when playing with an organized team using voicechat and whatnot.

As far as I can tell she doesn't have an option to quickly reach high ground or quick escape. Her sleep ability and self heal (the grenade) should offset that.

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@fenster: I wouldn't be surprised. Hearthstone has a similar system.

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Yeah I'd be up for more of that (I'm DeckardPain from that video). Loads of fun having that many people come together.