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Branmarker 2 Spoiler-Free guide

This walkthrough is for the RPG "Branmarker 2" released for the PC-98 and FM Towns platforms. As the game was released only in Japan, I wrote this guide to help fellow English speakers progress through the game. It does not contain boss strategies, recommendations on equipment to buy or other misc. info, but lets players know where to go and when to do so.


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Starting point

You'll begin on the west side of an island. Go to Kris, the town in the northeast.

Kris Village (クリスの村)

A rule of thumb for all villages in the game: Speak to everyone until they repeat what they say, particularly those who live in unmarked houses. After doing so, use the southeast exit and go south to the Ruins.

Ruins (廃墟)

Go through the dungeon, defeating the two bosses, and then return to town.

Kris Village

Talk to everyone and use the ship in the northeast to sail to the northern continent. One there, head west to Keim Village.

Keim Village (カイムの村)

Talk to everyone, including the man in the east building. Then go to the mountain dungeon in the southwest.

Maburan Mountain (マブラン山)

Progress through this dungeon and defeat the boss. Then, go northeast to the forest dungeon.

Forest of the Elves (エルフの森)

Follow the path indicated by the lilipads near the entrance to get through the maze. Continue on into the Seafloor cave (海底洞窟), where you'll face a boss upon entering, and proceed until you complete the dungeon. Afterwards, check out Karia village in the far northeast.

Karia Village (カーリア村)

Talk to everyone here. Then go to Altera in the west.

Altera (ルテラ)

Talk to everyone, and then go to Terra Forest, west of the castle.

Terra Forest (テラの森)

Go north at the first chance, walking through the pinkish trees, and defeat the boss there. Then make your way through the dungeon, moving boulders and climbing in and out of holes, until you reach the boss at the end.


Talk to everyone in the bar, and then head to the Oasis of Ur west of Altera.

Oasis of Ur (ウルの村)

In the southwest corner of town, you'll find the mayor. Talk to him first, then everyone else in the village, especially the guy walking around in the north end of town. After that, head south to Roreasu Village.

Roreasu Village (ロレアス村)

Talk to everyone here, and then head south to the Water Temple.

Water Temple (水上神殿)

Talk to the fairy that's just outside the bulding. After that, examine the locked door. Head back to Roreasu.

Roreasu Village (ロレアス村)

A man inside of a building on the west side of town will give you the key. Before heading back to the temple, be sure to talk to the old man (じじい) a little west of the fairy, as well as examine the beach at the western dead end for an optional scene.

Water Temple

Make your way through the dungeon and engage the boss. Your HP will be reduced to 1 and you'll be ejected from battle. Exit the dungeon and travel all the way back to Fascia Island, where you began the adventure, and head to the Mermaid Cave in the southwest.

Mermaid Cave

Here, you'll obtain the Aroaro shellfish (アロアロ貝). Bring the shellfish to the old man west of the Water Temple and he'll give you the Black Rubber Coat (黒ゴムのコート).

Water Temple

Make your way through the dungeon once more and defeat the boss. With that taken care of, head back to Ur.

Oasis of Ur

After the scene, speak to the mayor, and then release the slimes from the eastern building. Exit the town north. The slime will guide you to the Twin Towers of Migerosu.

The Twin Towers of Migerosu (ミゲロスの双塔)

Take the right tower first. Go through and hit every cross switch you can reach. When finished, the only inaccessible path should be a staircase blocked by three fire rings.

Left tower. Defeat two bosses here. One of them will have the "cross key". A chest far into the tower will have the "tower key". Hit every cross switch possible, one of which will remove the fire rings from the remaining path in the right tower.

Right tower. Go through the unblocked path and hit the next cross switch. You are now done with the right tower.

Left tower. Make your way to the cross door and use the cross key. Defeat the third boss, progress through to the locked tower door and use the tower key, and then continue to the fourth boss.


Go north to the castle and try to go through the entrance. When that fails, go off to the right and inspect the tombstone twice to reveal a hidden staircase.

Terra Castle (テラ城)

Make your way through the castle pulling on chains and using warp pads. You'll face three bosses total.


Go to the bar and receive a letter (親父の仕送り). Then head to the Oasis of Ur.

Oasis of Ur

Enter an eastern house and give the old woman the letter. She'll give you a cup of tea (オチャ) in return. Now head to Karia Village.

Karia Village

A scene will occur upon entering and you'll receive an item. Go to the house in the northwest and talk to the soldier inside. After the scene, sleep at the Inn. Speak to the soldier once more and select Shammi (シャミー) to depart for the Tree.

Magic Tree (魔教樹)

Shammi must solve two puzzles. In the fire puzzle, she must pay special attention to detail in the room, then exit south, and re-enter and examine the 5 objects which have changed from before. In the Ice room, she must discover the correct order to hit the four switches.

Fire Puzzle Solution: Bed, Lower red orb, Green Pot, Middle Flower Pot, portrait in the top left.

Water Puzzle Solution: Bottom Right, Top Left, Bottom Left, Top Right

When finished, exit towards the boat. When you finally regain control, you'll be in Altera.


Head to the swamp located south of the Oasis of Ur.

Ajimu Swamp (アジームの沼)

The party will determine that they cannot cross as-is. Now, head to the Oasis of Ur.

Oasis of Ur

Get the boots from the woman at the center of town and head back to the swamp.

Ajimu Swamp

Traverse through this very short dungeon and defeat the boss at the end. Then, head west to Korutaka village.

Korutaka Village (コルタカ村)

Talk to everyone in town, and then head south to the Dwarf Cave.

Dwarf Cave (ドワーフの洞窟)

The Dwarf Guard will talk about how he desperately wishes he had a drink. Head back to town.

Korutaka village

Head to the bar and purchase the "Sake of the Dwarves" (ドワーフの酒).

Dwarf Cave

Thankful for the refreshments, the Dwarf lets you inside. Make your way through the dungeon and defeat the boss at the end. Afterwards, head to the tower in the southwest.

Tower of Chasmata (カスマータの塔だ)

Defeat the boss, and when you regain control, use the restorative pot off to the left if need be and then step into the portal to be transported to Castle Ares.

Castle Ares (アレス城)

Make your way through the dungeon and reach the pink-colored room. When you regain control, you'll be back in Altera.


Head up to Terra Castle and speak with the princess. After the scenes, head back though the Swamp and Dwarf Cave to the Tower of Chasmata.

Tower of Chasmata

Use the Chasmata key on the door north of the portal that you used to enter Ares and go upstairs.

In this room, turn the rightmost teleporter to the right and use it.

In this room, turn the leftmost teleporter to the left and use it.

In this room, turn the rightmost teleporter to the south and use it.

In this room, turn the sole teleporter in the room to the right and use it. Go down the stairs.

Go in the leftmost mirror.

Go in the top-left mirror.

Loot the 4 chests and go in the top-left mirror.

Go in the rightmost mirror.

Grab the Topaz key (トパーズの鍵) from the chest and re-enter the mirror.

Head back to the room with the staircase that you used to enter the floor.

Go in the top-rightmost mirror, grab the chest, and exit how you came.

Enter the mirror directly left (next to) the one you just used.

Enter the rightmost mirror.

Enter the leftmost mirror, grab the chest, and exit how you came.

Enter the mirror directly right (next to) the one you just used.

Turn the teleporter to the left and use it.

Turn the teleporter to the left and use it.

Enter the mirror.

Turn the teleporter to the south and use it.

Enter the mirror.

Go up the stairs.

Turn the teleporter to the left and use it.

Enter the mirror.

Go up the stairs.

Turn the teleporter to the left and use it.

Grab the Ruby Key (ルビーの鍵), turn the teleporter to the right and use it.

Turn the teleporter to the north and use it.

Turn the teleporter to the left and use it.

Turn the teleporter to the left and use it.

Use the ruby key and enter the door. Grab the Emerald key (エメラルドの鍵) from the chest, turn the teleporter to the north and use it.

Use the Emerald key and enter the door. Go up the stairs.

Go through the leftmost mirror and keep going until you get to a chest. Loot it, then turn the teleporter left and use it.

Turn the next teleporter left and get back to the staircase that you used to enter the floor.

Enter the middle mirror, take the teleporter, and go up the stairs.

Loot the chests and use the Topaz key on the door.

Boss battle. Sunlight Spear (サンライト・スピア) spell works well. After the battle, you'll arive at Castle Ares.

Castle Ares

Flip switches and seek out three keys. Once you have them, use all three on the door in the north part of the floor and go down the stairs. Follow the long pathway until you reach another staircase to ascend. Prepare for a Boss Battle.

Ascend the staircase directly left to loot a couple chests, then head back down and take the northern path around to another staircase. Head straight south to two more chests, then take the left path to ascend another staircase. Head south to the next staircase. Time to hunt for more keys, you'll need to find three of them again. Use them on the door north of the stairs and ascend the next set. The switches on this floor each activate a nearby 'elevator door' which you must utilize in order to progress. If you head out the south exit, Syria will restore your health. Eventually, you'll make it to an area with teleporters and overlapping pathways against a magenta sky.

Directions - NOTE: Each line break below ONLY represents a split in the path, not turning corners. For example, the first split you encounter allows you to go either right or left, thus, the second line indicates "right". For the next split, you should ignore the path heading south and continue going "right", and so on. Simple enough, eh? Also, the directions only tell how to get to the key and, subsequently, the locked door requiring it. All other chests are ignored, but most just contain your standard curative items anyways.

From the stairs go north.

First split: Right.


Right > teleporter.

First Split: Right.







Up > teleporter.

First split: Right.


Right > Chest with key > Backtrack to the previous split.

Previous split: Left.










Up > teleporter.

First split: Down

Right > teleporter.

BAM! There's the door! Head up the stairs.

This floor is pretty easy. Just use the hidden paths to get the chests and then head up the ascending staircase. LAST CHANCE TO SAVE!

Good luck with the final boss fights and enjoy the ending!

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RAY-GUN Walkthrough by Villainess

This is a guide for the RPG Ray-Gun developed by Elf. It applies to all versions of the game (PC-88, PC-98, X68000, and MSX2). As the game was only released in Japan and never translated into English, I have taken the liberty of explaining plot details throughout this guide. In other words, yes, there will be spoilers, but if you can't read Japanese, you likely wouldn't be able to naturally experience the story anyways.


The main menu has five commands listed vertically.

話す = Talk

調べる = Examine

どうぐ = Item

システム = System

もどる = Back

Talk is used to communicate with Rupiah, who most often will remind you what to do next in order to advance the story. Examine should be used on suspicious objects or doors. Items access both restorative and key items that you obtain.

System has four sub-commands.

セーブ = Save

ロード = Load

移動速度 = Movement speed

やめる = Quit

Save allows you to save your game to one of three different slots. Load allows you to load your game from these slots. Movement speed allows you to choose how fast you move on the overworld map. The first option = fast, second option = medium, third option = slow, fourth option = default. Quit allows you to exit the game.

TIPS: Talk to every girl that I mention. You will require the cooperation of many of them in order to advance the plot.



The story begins with an aerial view of a walled city called Lakeside. On the edge of the city, there resides a spring called the "Spring of Temptation", which holds miraculous powers. If one drinks the water from there, their stamina will be restored and any injuries or illnesses they had will be cured. Lakeside is home to the protagonist, George, who works at a repair shop, where he creates weapons to help fight off mechanical creatures called "Steroids" who have been flying into the city and abducting young girls. The steroids are made of a special metal called Jiruniumu (ジルニウム) which, when soaked into the spring water, also strengthen it's capabilities. Knowing this, George utilizes the Jiruniumu to forge his weapons.

One day, while bathing at the Spring of Temptation, George's fiancee, Milia, discovers the wreckage of a steroid, and beside it, a lavender-colored crystal ball. After telling George about it, he immediately begins working to repair the steroid. As he does, Milia becomes increasingly concerned about the lavender sphere, stating that she feels as if it's trying to inhale her soul. Suddenly, several other insect-like steroids appear out of nowhere and proceed to abduct Milia while also knocking George unconscious.

When George comes to, he is greeted to the face of a woman that he's never seen before. She introduces herself as "Rupiah" (ルピア) and states that she had been sealed inside of the crystal ball up until that moment. She reaffirms the fate that has befallen Milia, but promises to travel with George and do all she can to help defeat the steroids. George restores the junk steroid to full functionality and then pilots the machine himself - determined to rescue his fiancee no matter the cost.


No Caption Provided

George begins his adventure by spotting a naked, green-haired girl named Sherry (シェリー). She first misjudges him as an evil steroid, pleading that he wouldn't want her anyway, as her breasts and hips are so small. After clarifying that he is, in fact, a human and telling his story, Sherry decides to aid him. She states that this land is the (now ruined) Feel Kingdom, and that south of their location, once stood the kingdom's beautiful white castle, which was home to Princess Kana and her high priestess Yoko. However, steroids destroyed the kingdom, kidnapping many maidens, and now that wherabouts of the priestess and princess are unknown. Sherry suggests that George begin his search for answers by heading to the spring cave in the west.

No Caption Provided

Head to the northwest and you'll see a woman with blue hair standing outside of the entrance to a cave. The woman introduces herself as Spear, and says that she is the guardian of the cave's spring. She mentions that she's heard that Princess Kana has special powers, and that she had recently spotted Yoko in the southwest.

Head inside of the cave. This is just one of many springs found all over the game. Upon approaching them, you are given three options.

休む = Take a rest

武具を作る = Make the armor

出る = Leave

The first option is a source of free healing that can be used infinitely. It would be wise to level build with a spring close by. The second option has two sub-options, 武器 = Weapon and 防具 = Armor. Once you have accumulated enough money, you can use the spring to strengthen (aka. upgrade) your steroids equipment.

No Caption Provided

From the spring cave, head south and enter another cave coming up on the left. Here, you'll meet another girl, Miki (ミキ). She's in distress, as her sister, Moon, was recently abducted by a steroid. Thinking that George is an evil steroid himself, she's not of much help at the moment.

From Miki's location, head south and then north up the hill to the west.

No Caption Provided

Yet another girl, Layla (レイラ) is waiting here. She mentions that she saw a girl being carried over the north mountain range by a group of steroids earlier. When George asks if it could possibly have been Milia, Layla jokes that his fiancee is probably steroid-chow by now. Sensing George's anger, she apologizes for her insensitivity and adds that she is jealous, wishing that she had a boyfriend who was so dedicated to her. She then says that the northern mountain range can be accessed from a cave to the southeast.

Backtrack through the cave, and then back through the one next to Miki. From here, head southeast. Ignoring the first cave door you see and continue east to another cave door. Enter it.

No Caption Provided

A pink-haired girl named Sayaka is here. The heat is so intense that she's rolled her shirt up over her breasts to cool off. Just as she contemplates removing her underwear as well, she notices George's presence. She tells him that she is dehydrated and desperately needs water from the spring, but because of her fatigue from the heat, she can barely take another step. She asks if you can go fetch some for her.

Travel all the way back to the spring cave and talk to Spear. The woman mentions that if water is removed from the spring, it will lose all of it's restorative power. However, there are capsules made from a special plant that are able to contain the spring water so that it does not lose it's effects. Because George looks like a trustworthy guy, she decides to give him two of the capsules (水 2個).

Take the capsules to Sayaka. To show her apprecition, she returns the capsule to you and gives you an extra one (she had them this whole time?). She also gives you some important information. She says that one day she was east of the spring cave and saw steroids going in and out of a cave entrance. She wanted to see what was inside, but there were so many around that she decided she'd wait until the next day. However, when she returned, the cave door was gone, looking as if a wall had been there the entire time! Upon closer inspection, however, she noticed a small crack at the base of the mountain wall and tells George to keep an eye out for it.

No Caption Provided

Head north of Sayaka and into the cave there (there is a spring to the west of the door if you need it). Head west into another cave. Here, you'll see a green-haired girl being attacked and will engage in a mid-boss battle. It consists of just three normal steroids; nothing too serious. The woman thanks you and introduces herself as Moon (ムーン), a servant of the priestess Yoko. She mentions that she was abducted while traveling with her younger sister, Miki, and that Yoko has also been taken into the steroid's lair. When George asks how he can get into the lair, Moon says that he'll need to get the "Truth Glasses" (魔法の眼鏡) from her sister. She suspects that Miki will be distrustful, so in order for George to prove to her that she is safe and sound, Moon tells George a secret that only she and her sibling know about: Miki has a triangle shaped mole on her left buttock.

Travel back to Miki and speak to her. George will tell the girl that Moon is safe and that he knows her "secret". Unsure of what he means, Miki asks: "What secret? You mean how I get diarrhea when I eat ice cream? Or the time when I borrowed my sister's underwear and accidentally dropped them in the toilet?" George clarifies that it's the triangular mole that he was referring to. Miki immediately thinks he's a pervert for having somehow obtained that knowledge, but after mentioning that it was Moon who told him, she finally gives him the benefit of the doubt (along with the "Truth Glasses"). She says that only Yoko knows where Princess Kana is hiding, and that she, Moon, and Sayaka were out looking for her when they were attacked. She also mentions that she's been having dreams where she see's Yoko trapped inside of a cave, cornered by a powerful steroid.

Go east of the spring cave and pay attention to the northern wall until you see a suspicious crack at the base of the cliff. Save your game, and use the Truth Glasses on that spot.

BOSS BATTLE: Red Bazuzu (レッドバズズ)

No Caption Provided

After defeating the boss, go up and speak to Yoko (ヨーコ). The priestess thanks George and asks if he knows the legend of their world. "Many years ago, all of our lands were part of a large kingdom. One day, a devil named Valdes (バルドゥス) appeared and tried to control and oppress the people, after prior generations of nothing but peace. Many couragous people stepped up to battle the demon, but none prevailed. Then, one night, a woman appeared at the bedside of the kingdom's high priest and told him that there were six gifted individuals within the land, and that if he could unite them, they would have the power to seal Valdes. The next day, the priest sought out and gathered all six individuals together. The sealing ceremony lasted seven days and seven nights. On the eighth day, the priest and six people became enveloped in a bright light, which then wrapped itself around Valdes and sealed him away. However, the priest and the six heroes disappeared along with him. Princess Kana, is the reincarnation of one of these individuals, and has had unique powers since she was a young child."

Yoko goes on to say, that there is another legend within Feel Kingdom. A royal crest states: "When peace is threatened, a red hope will appear from the outer world." She then tells George that the Princess is on a hill south of their location, where the white castle of the kingdom once stood.

No Caption Provided

Head out of the cave and travel south until you see the cave entrance that I told you to ignore earlier (after meeting with Fayla) and enter it. Go north and speak to Princess Kana. She'll give you the water crest (水の紋章). She states that she is indeed the reincarnation of one of the six heroes and that even though she has never met any of the other five, their hearts are all in sync with each other. She then says that a messanger of hers once found a strange machine in the mountains to the north. The machine functions as an elevator to a new land, and that only those possessing the correct crest can use it. She says that Valdes revived much quicker than she had expected and that it's likely that Milia is now within his grasp. She implores that George go to the remaining lands and seek out the other five reincarnated heroes, for Valdes will never be defeated if they are not united. Kana then boosts the special attack power of George's steroid as a parting gift.

With the water crest in hand, head to where you rescued moon and enter the east cave. Inside here, approach the strange machine and use the water crest on it.


Aside from some greener grass, Area 2 really doesn't look much different from Area 1.

No Caption Provided

Start heading south and you should see a topless girl off to the left. This is Elemi (エレミ). She says that you are in what was formerly Akuashisu (アクアシス), the city of water. Just as with Feel Kingdom, it was invaded and destroyed by steroids. She tells you to head to Saul Lake and meet with Rohm, a spirit from ancient times.

No Caption Provided

Head south a little ways and you'll see a girl with purple hair standing outside of a cave to the right. Her name is also Yoko (there's not that many females in this game, did they really run out of unique names so quickly?). Like Spear in Area 1, she guards a spring cave, and though it is completely optional to speak with her, she will give you another nice water capsule if you do.

No Caption Provided

Head south to the next screen until you see a light-blue haired girl standing south of a large lake. The girl introduces herself as Rohm (ローム) and states that she has been waiting a long time for George's arrival. She also says that she knows that Milia was abducted and that he has come seeking her wherabouts. According to Rohm, Saul Lake was once a beautiful place where flowers bloomed all around and many spirits gathered, but ever since the steroids arrived, it has become a lonely place that no one approaches. Rohm says that she senses that George's fiancee is in the next world and gives you the "Tears of Pearl" (真珠の涙). She then says that to the south, there are two caves, and that the left one will take him to the next area.

No Caption Provided

Head south and enter the west cave there, as instructed. Once inside, use the "Tears of Pearl" on the elevator. Suddenly, a woman named Yoshie (ヨシエ), cackling evilly. She mocks George's stupidity for thinking that was the next elevator and gloats that he has played right into her hands. She then says she'll show him her gratitude by killing him painfully and transforms into a steroid. Mid boss battle, nothing too scary.

No Caption Provided

Exit the cave and go east until you see a nude girl lying face down. Satomi (サトミ) thanks you for helping her and says that she lived near Saul Lake. She had gone to worship at the gravesite of Rohm, who died while defending the land from steroids, when the "impostor" Rohm tried to kill her. She says that while on the way to the tomb, she could hear the sound of sad singing coming from the lake. She saw that it was coming from the high priest, Saki, who warned her not to come any closed. Satomi ignored the warning and approached, when the false Rohm appeared and transformed into a huge steroid. She managed to escape with her life and then passed out near the shore. She begs you to please help Saki.

Head back to Rohm.

"Rohm" is surprised to learn that Satomi is still alive, and boasts that George will never be able to help the high priest so long as the "key of water" is in her hands. She goes on to declare that nothing will stop the revival of Lord Valdes and that she will kill anyone who gets in their way.

BOSS BATTLE: Grey Bazuzu (グレーバズズ)

After the fight, you'll get the "key of water" (水の鍵).

Head east to the smallest body of water and use the key of water there.

No Caption Provided

Saki (サキ) thanks George for helping her and introduces herself as the High Priest of Akuashisu. As another of the six heroes reincarnated, she mentions that Kana communicated with her to prepare her for George's arrival, but when Saki went to welcome him, she was ambushed by steroids and imprisoned in that lake. She gives George the code card (暗号カード) and tells him to show it to Sue as proof of their meeting. As with Kana, she also boosts his special attack power.

Enter the cave to the east of where you battled Yoshie.

No Caption Provided

Sue (スー) is hostile at first, telling George to get out of her cave. After mentioning Saki, she still distrustful, but upon seeing the code card, she decides to quiz you.

The code card is actually an 8x8 color chart that was packaged with the game, intended to be used at this moment in the adventure. The color card has been recreated below.


So, for example, if Sue asks for the color in 5-B, you would choose "白" as the answer. Simple, right?

Answer several of her questions correctly, and Sue tells George to close his eyes and teleports him to the third world.


No Caption Provided

Immediately head east and speak to the female soldier there. This is Silva (シルバ), who has been given strict orders by General Feel not to let anyone inside of Brocken Fort, and that includes George! Despite this, she does inform him of the spring inside of a hut in the southeast corner of the map, and advises him to stay away from the forest, as a powerful witch has been causing trouble there. Well, advice was made to go unheeded, right?

No Caption Provided

Head to the northeast corner of the map and step into the seal. George's body will freeze up and the witch, Mei (メイ) will appear, cackling evilly. She says that she will not permit humans to enter her domain and teleports him to the northwest corner of the map.

No Caption Provided

Talk to Feah (フィア), who is directly above you. Feah pleads for George to cut her down, as steroids have bound her body with painful ivy. Once freed, she thanks him and says that she was hunting down steroids that had attacked the fort when she entered the east forest by mistake. She suspects that Mei is up to something important there, but does not yet know how to defeat her. George asks if there is any way he could enter the fortress. To repay his kindness, Feah sheds her armor and gives it to him; telling him not to worry, as she keeps an extra set hidden inside the spring hut.

Use the soldier's clothes (兵士の服) in the item menu and then enter the fort.From the entrance, head east, south, west, and south. In this room, be sure to stay on the red path and continue south. Head east, and near the bottom is a spring that you can utilize. Continue east, and then north 3 times and speak with the naked girl.

No Caption Provided

A girl named Mika (ミカ) is trapped down below. After being rescued, she states that she is also a soldier under General Feel. She says that several steroids when into the general's room and sealed it shut. She obtained a red jewel capable of breaking the seal when she was knocked unconscious and then thrown down into the pit. She goes on to explain that even though Feel has powers that the average human does not possess, she fears that the general will not be able to defeat the steroids alone. She gives George the red jewel (赤い宝玉) and begs him to rescue General Feel.

From Mika's room, go south, south, south, west, north east, south and then use the red jewel to open the door.

Boss Battle: Master Searail (シーレール)

No Caption Provided

Feel (フィール) introduces herself as one of the six reincarnated heroes, and asks George if he has already received the strength of both Kana and Saki. Feel says that although she possesses the green crest, which will allow George access to the next area if he uses it on the elevator, she does not yet know where the elevator is located. She suspects it is deep in the forest to the east, and says that in the back of the fort, she managed to find a spell capable to defeating the witch. Feel teaches the spell to George and gives him the Green Crest (緑の紋章).

Exit out of the fort and head back into the forest in the northeast. Mei will appear, cackling once more, but will change her tune quite fast when George utters the incantation.

After Mei is killed, head south to the elevator and save the game. Then, use the green crest.

BOSS BATTLE: Green Bazuzu (グリーンバズズ)


No Caption Provided

Start by heading west and then speak to the girl with the pink hair. This is Ai (アイ). She tells George that he is inside of the church of Queen Natisu's castle, and that it's currently the hour for prayer. She goes on to introduce herself as a Sister in the church, and tells him that he looks troubled. "God cares for everyone equally, and is willing to lend a hand to those in need. Go and pray at the altar in the next room. May your troubles be lessened as quickly as possible," she says.

Go north one screen and walk up to the altar. George will say a quick prayer for Milia's safety.

No Caption Provided

Go north once again and speak to the girl standing by the door. Yuka (ユカ) tells George that the queen is busy studying in the back room, but that since she has been in a good mood all day, she surely will have no problem meeting with him.

Head north into the left door. George immediately suspects that something is amiss, and is then ambushed by a group of steroids. After defeating them, head back out of the room. Yuka is surprised to see George still alive, thinking for sure that he'd be prey for the steroids by now. She then laments that she was unable to feed her steroid children and transforms to get her revenge.

BOSS BATTLE: Master Ryuk (マスターデリューク)

Once Yuka is dead, head north into the right door this time, and then north once more. George quickly hears strange noises, and suspects that a steroid might be hiding within the torture room, ready to leap out at any moment. Upon closer investigation, he discovers a nude girl bound with rope. The girl introduces herself as Hitomi (ヒトミ), an attendant to the queen. She says that earlier, she heard a scream which sounded like the queen's, but when she rushed to find out, "a woman named Yuka" deceived her and lured her into the torture chamber, where the steroids bound and trapped her in there. Hitomi is relived to find out that Yuka is no more, but is concerned with the safety of the queen. She gives George the "Proof of the Queen" (女王の証) and asks him to find Natisu as quickly as possible.

No Caption Provided

Head back to the altar room and then go east to speak with the green-haired girl there. This is Yu (ユウ), one of the queen's guards, who tells George that he cannot pass. George tells Yu that she is cute, but she tells him that flattery will get him nowhere and that only one bearing the Proof of the Queen may go inside. Well, we just happen to have one, don't we?

Use the Proof of the Queen on the north door and go through it. Examine the mummified person on the throne.'Natisu?! It looks like she can no longer speak nor hear. It is likely that she was one of the six reincarnated heroes. I will be unable to defeat Valdes if the six are not united.Has my mission to rescue Milia from Valdes now become an impossibility?' Geroge thinks to himself.

No Caption Provided

Examine the north curtain on the left side. It will reveal an entrance for you to proceed to the next room. Yurishia (ユリシア), a servant of the queen's, is here. Thinking George for a steroid, she initially begs for a quick and painless death. After being enlightened to the facts, however, she talks about the events that transpired earlier. "It was at the time of the worship on yesterday morning. It suddenly became noisy, and someone screamed "the steroids have invaded!!" I hurried to get Natisu to a safe place to hide, but I failed to escape and found myself tied up here. I surely thought my life was over when the steroids attacked but I promised myself that I would not reveal Natisu's hiding spot, even if they tortured me!" she says.

Yurishia is alarmed to hear that "Natisu is dead", but when George mentions that it was the mummy in the previous room that he was referring to, she explains that that is just a dummy created to throw off intruders. Relived to know that her queen may still be alive after all, she gives George the "key to the warehouse" (倉庫の鍵) and tells him that Natisu is hiding in the northeast part of the castle.

Head back to Ai and speak with her. She says that she is stunned to learn that Yuka was actually a steroid, and gives George the mysterious defense (神秘の守り) to protect him against evil. From Ai's room, head east and then east again. There is a fountain here if you need it. Go up through the rightmost north exit and north again. Use the key to the warehouse on the door here, go through it, and speak to the girl here.

No Caption Provided

Queen Natisu (女王ナティス) is here, bound in strange ivy just as Feah was. After George frees her, she says that she is glad to hear that Yurishia is safe, as she had been raised like a sister to her since childhood. George asks if she is one of the six reincarnated heroes who sealed Valdes, but she says no, stating that the only familiarity she has with such words is from a story that her sister Alice had told her when she was young. She says that Alice was attacked by a steroid at the time of the invasion, and she has no clue what happened to her afterwards. When George mentiones Sister Ai, Natisu says that she doesn't know of anyone in the castle by that name. Hmmmm...

Head back to Ai once more and confront her. She says that Alice is indeed one of the six heroes and gloats that it's too late to save her, as she's already been incapacitated. She then transforms.

BOSS BATTLE: Yellow Bazuzu (イエローバズズ)

After the battle, George will receive the "icy crest" (氷の紋章). Head back to the room that you found Natisu in, use the crest on the elevator and proceed to the next world.


No Caption Provided

Start by heading south out of the little room that you start in. Take a sharp left until you hit a wall, ignoring the other northern door, and then head south, west and at the first opportunity, up. As you approach, a steroid will break through the wall and capture the girl there. After defeating it, Miho (ミホ) will thank you for saving her and informs you that there is a residential area with a bar up ahead, which might be a good place to ask about Milia.

No Caption Provided

From Miho, head west (ignoring the south door), and snake through the path until you wind up at another door to the south. Enter it. Two barmaids are here. One of them, Sherry (シェリー), is surprised to see a "steroid" for a customer. She says that Geroge's fiancee has not been through, and asks if he would like to relax and play a game instead.

No Caption Provided

Leave the bar and head north. At the bend, head east, but detour south into the door, head down the steps and follow the path to the end. Miku (ミク), a girl taking a shower, is here. After George finishes explaining that he's not a "peeping steroid", she informs him that using the shower can relieve his fatigue.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Exit back the way you came, out the door, and head east into a room with two female guards. Kathy (キャシー), the left guard, prepares to assault Geroge, saying that she's a force to be reckoned with, leaving the hero to yet again explain that he's human. "You're a steroid, but not a steroid? Are you an idiot?" After George reveals himself, she tells him that only those with a pass from Supreme Commander Celica may pass. Speaking to the guard on the right, Maya (マヤ), gets a similarly aggressive response. She two, denies him access.

No Caption Provided

Head back to the bar and speak with Sherry. She will attempt to cheer Geroge up when suddenly, the conversation is interrupted by an explosion. Travel back to where Maya was and follow the path, going south out the door and then south again until you advance down some stairs. Here, you will find Jamie (ジェミー). She immediately senses a strong aura eminating from Geroge's eyes. She then explains that Celica has been captured by the steroids and pleads for him to save her.

Head back to where Kathy was and follow the path until you see a girl and a steroid.

No Caption Provided

BOSS BATTLE: Photo Noone (フォトノーン)

Commander Celica (セリカ) will be initially confused as to why a "steroid" is undoing her chains, but then George says... well, you know. She is glad to hear that Jamie is safe, but lamentably says that she does not know the wherabouts of Milia. She forks over the "crest of silver" (銀の紋章) and asks that you show it to Jamie.

Return to Jamie. She will reveal that she is one of the six reincarnated heroes and will lend George her strength. With all that in order, there's nothing left to do but waltz right over to the elevator, right? Oh... wait.

BOSS BATTLE: Blue Bazuzu (ブルーバズズ)

Ok, now you're free to use the crest on the elevator and exit to the sixth (and final) area.


No Caption Provided

From the elevator, start heading east until you see a nude girl with purple hair. She will be startled upon seeing a "steroid" and panics even moreso that it has seen her naked. She tries to run, but is curious as to why the "steroid" is not chasing her. After George explains the situation again for the zillionth time, the girl introduces herself as Lena (リーナ), a a secret intelligence agent for the Ixis Empire. Lena asks George if he knows of "the Bible", a law book created to dominate all who live in their world. She goes onto say that she suspects that the book has some kind of relationship with the steroids, and that it is currently inside of a secret room, guarded by an android named Lady. She also cautions that the steroids in this area are quite formidable (something that the player likely could guess via the fact that the boss battle theme accompanies each random battle).

No Caption Provided

Loop back around and start heading northeast until you approach a female soldier with green hair. This is Maki (マキ). She is seriously wounded and immediately begs for death. The usual happens. George reveals himself, she wonders if he's a "new type of steroid" that contains humans inside of it, he explains, she's grateful that she's not "dead meat", yadda yadda. George heals her with first aid, which allows her to move once more. In thanks, she gives him another water capsule.

No Caption Provided

From Maki, head south, east, north, east, south, east and north until you see another purple haired girl. This is Lady (レディー), and she isn't letting you through for anything! Continue north, down the stairs, and then west. Nao (ナオ), the last of the six reincarnated heroes, is here. She immediately feels George's aura and tells him that the hour of the resurrection of Valdes is drawing closer.She warns that once the ritual completes, nothing will be able to reverse it, and that even though the six heroes have been united, without the Bible, Valdes cannot be stopped. She goes on to say that Jane, the leader of the Ixis Empire who sold her soul to the Devil, is behind everything.

No Caption Provided

Head south a couple of rooms to find Sally (サリー). She introduces herself as a servant of Emmy, a princess of the Ixis Kingdom. Sally explains that Jane, who was just a general at the time, deceived Emmy and overthrew the country. Very soon after, Jane began creating steroids to capture young women from all over the world and rumors of the revival of the devil Valdes began circulating. Sally goes on to say that as long as Lady guards the Bible, Jane is unable to obtain it. She then shows George a crystal ball and says that it is a switch capable of deactivating the android. She then pleads for him to go get the Bible, quickly, but to under no circumstances ever read it, or else his soul will be taken just as Jane's was.

No Caption Provided

Head back to Lady. The female android will attempt to halt George yet again, but will shut down thanks to the switch. Now, examine the center of the rectangular floor at the end of the path she was guarding to obtain the Bible. Next, make your way back to where Sally was, head west, and up the steps.

No Caption Provided

Emmy (エミー) is yet another victim to begs for death. Bust out the champagne, George, this is the last person in the game that you'll have to convince that you're not really a steroid to! She reiterates Sally's words in her introduction (that she was a princess of Ixis) and says that she blames herself for what has happened. One day, she had visited the secret room, but had forgotten to lock it. The moment that she realized this, she raced back, but by the time she arrived, Jane was inside and had already begun reading the Bible. She said that a purple mist immediately encircled the general and moved into her body. It was from that moment that Jane dedicated herself to reviving the evil demon lord. She goes on to say that a guardian spirit named "Ruth" played a critical role in the sealing of Valdes the last time, but that this spirit vanished afterwards. She parts by saying that George is the only one capable of defeating Jane, and that she believes in him.

This is it. The last point in the game to save or do anything else you want to do (what little there is). When ready, head up the staircases and follow the path to Jane (ジェーン).

No Caption Provided

Jane's speech: "I commend you for making it this far, but you're too late. The preparations for the revival of Valdes are complete. The only thing left to do is to place the Bible that you have in your hands on the altar. Once the devil Valdes is revived, the entire world will fall under it's power. Hahahaha! Look around you. This is the very room in which the devil shall emerge. For Valdes to truly be reborn, a new body must be here to house it's soul. A young and pure body, and the sacrifice of 1,000 human lives. I have gathered all 1,000 here. As for the body, Milia will become the host for Valdes. Her blood is the most compatible for Valdes; a bloodline that nearly vanished over the generations gone by. If I destroy you, I will have the Bible at last! If I lose, you will regain Milia."

BOSS BATTLE: Master Bazuzu (マスターバズズ)

Ending spoilers:

George goes running to Milia and the two are happily reunited. Rupiah then transforms into a girl with purple hair. She explains that this is her true form, and that she is really the guardian spirit Ruth, that was mentioned by Emmy. She says that long ago, people lived in harmony with nature and the planet, but eventually, the people lost their way, and it was from this that Valdes was born. When Valdes was sealed, she was as well, and it was only thanks to George that she was able to break free and help gather the six heroes once again. With a heavy heart, Ruth says that she must go, for if she does not leave George's side now, she may never be able to. She tells him goodbye, and that she will always be watching over him.

In the ending's epilogue text, George and Milia return to Lakeside city to resume their normal lives, erasing the memory of all the events that took place outside of their own little world, living on peacefully, as if nothing had ever changed.

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@AllIsHeresy:@AllIsHeresy said:
" I'm pretty excited for a new Nintendo console. It is certainly disappointing that such news appears to be considered a negative by so many, but as ever, time will be the judge.By the way, when are those blogs about "evil females, Villianesses and all around bad girls" coming? It's been nearly a year goddamn it! "

Heh, sorry about that. These Whiskey sites are still missing so many games/volumes/episodes/etc. that they seem to grab all of my attention lately, but I'll see about getting a post up soon.
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...I'm a bit taken aback by the pessimistic response it has received from comments and forum posts on gaming sites across the internet. One of the most common certainly being: "Why should Nintendo bother? Sony and Microsoft will just release their successor systems 1-2 years later."

Has launching 1-2 years AFTER the first competitor's console released the past 3 generations really given Nintendo an advantage, particularly regarding third party support?
Whether 2012 or 2014/15, Nintendo likely won't be going for the super ultra highest priciest cutting edge power in existence for the system, with the main difference being that in 2014 they could get lost in the shuffle from the beginning, opposed to 2012, where for the first time since the NES, they would at least have those couple of years to themselves, rather than none.

As I did six months ago, I still stand by this news as being far more exciting than woeful, but once again I get the feeling that I'm in the minority.

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Barry almost certainly will be the 8th one now. Whether DLC or in-game, I hope that's not the last of them.


Original link down, but here's a mirror. It's funny that Capcom left her in the demo, likely thinking that no one there would meet the requirements in the time allotted to unlock her, and now that someone has, they're trying to cover it up. :)

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@VelociraptorBill said:

" @Villainess said:

let's say for starters, 2GB of RAM, DX 11 capable GPU, etc.  

2GB of RAM is waaaay overkill for a Nintendo console.  They're always very conservative with RAM.  I'd expect 1GB max on the next system unless they're really trying to blow the other systems out of the water with tech. "
It is my personal hope that Nintendo would try to future-proof their console a bit better next time around, and with RAM constraints seeming to be one of the most common concerns for developers, I'd like to see Nintendo be a bit more aggressive in that area. However, I'd be lying if I said that I do not see 1GB as a possibility.
At any rate, it would appear that I'm in the definite minority for this thread, and in hindsight, probably should have at least waited until after the holidays have come and gone to propose it. If a 2012 console successor is not in the cards, then I'll be very interested to see what Nintendo has in store for E3 11 to promote significant home console growth (as well as sustaining mindshare for that particular corner of their business) over the next several years.
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 THQ's president, Brian Farrell, has recently said "the last thing I think the industry needs now is new hardware."

What has interested me the most is not so much what he said but the widespread number of comments by gamers who say that they agree with him. We are already 5 years into this gaming generation, and for all the amount of ridicule that the Wii has received for having "last gen tech", I am a bit surprised to see how many would-be consumers are rejecting the idea of moving past where we are currently to something potentially greater.

Now, if Nintendo's ambitions for next gen are conservative, where the system falls in the technological range of the 360, then much of this speculation is moot.

However, if Nintendo COULD release a Wii successor by holiday 2012, have it be notably more powerful than the PS3 (let's say for starters, 2GB of RAM, DX 11 capable GPU, etc.) and still be able to sell it at a price within their profit goals, then why shouldn't they?

As both Sony and Microsoft are now beginning to profit on their hardware, it makes perfect sense why the two companies would want to extend this generation as long as possible. Nintendo, on the other hand, has more reason to be motivated. They have seen large significant drops in system sales YoY coupled with a looming drought of third party support that looks to rival, if not exceed, the fifth years of both the N64 and Gamecube. Iwata himself has also expressed concerns should this holiday season not provide a satisfactory boost sales.

Wouldn't it be exciting to see Nintendo kick off a new generation for once, instead of showing up last/near last?

Maybe it is because I've become so accustomed to 5-6 year gaming cycles over the past 30 years, but quite frankly, I've never been more hungry for some next-gen news.

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@AlwaysAngry said:
" Hmm...  I respect your wiki points and contribution to this site, I'll leave this as "stop quest spamming" and not flag you.   But don't quest spam again. "

Okey Dokey!
Okey Dokey!

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Once I find time to take a break from wiki contributions, I plan to blog about one of my favorite topics; evil females, villainesses, and all around bad girl characters in video games, and perhaps other media.

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