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Video Game Auteurs

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  • "I want to create games until I die."

    Notable works:

    Snatcher (1988)

    Policenauts (1994)

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001)

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004)

    P.T. (2014)

  • "The faces and manners of people around me, news about war and pollution: my games generally comes from mashing little things like that together and spitting it back out."

    Notable works:

    Katamari Damacy (2004)

    Noby Noby Boy (2009)

  • "I’ve always been of the opinion that computers are not just for doing complicated calculations that would be hard for humans to do. I’ve always wanted to use computers to create new worlds and new characters and new experiences."

    Notable works:

    Ico (2001)

    Shadow of the Colossus (2005)

    The Last Guardian (2016)

  • "The best visual effects or new whiz bang whatever isn't going to save a story that fails to engage the audience."

    Notable works:

    Oddworld: Abe's Oddyssey (1997)

  • "Truth is, the only things that mattered were the games that inspired me to make games in the first place."

    Notable works:

    Everyday Shooter (2007)

    Sound Shapes (2012)

  • "[...] I absolutely think that queer people and people of color, and people who are outside the status quo need to be involved in making games."

    Notable works:

    Dys4ia (2012)

  • "It may look slightly chaotic at first, but when your in there, it's surprisingly relaxing"

    Notable works:

    Space Giraffe (2007)

    TxK (2014)

    Polybius (2017)

  • "Things that are personal have flaws, they have vulnerabilities. If you don't see a vulnerability in somebody, you're probably not relating with them on a very personal level."

    Notable works:

    Braid (2008)

    The Witness (2016)

  • "I want to make games that are, if not as significant as life memories, as close to that as I can possibly make."

    Notable works:

    Deadly Premotion (2010)

    D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die (2014)

  • "The game industry doesn't need another shooter; it needs something to inspire them."

    Notable works:

    flOw (2006)

    Flower (2009)

    Journey (2013)

  • "[The game] doesn't exist on the screen but it exists in the player's mind."

    Notable works:

    Another World (1991)

  • "There were so many occasions when I thought my career in games was over."

    Notable works:

    Full Throttle (1995)

    Grim Fandango (1999)

    Psychonauts (2005)

  • Notable works:

    Fez (2012)

  • "You can see art in violence."

    Notable works:

    Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special (1994)

    The Silver Case (1999)

    Flower, Sun and Rain (2001)

    Killer7 (2005)

    No More Heroes (2007)

    Shadows of the Damned (2011)

    Let It Die (2016)

  • "There is an action that happens in-game, and you react as a player. That to me is call and response. In music, it's the same thing."

    Notable works:

    Rez (2002)

    Lumines (2005)

    Tetris Effect (2018)

  • "It's interesting that people see me as mysterious, when I put so much of myself out there."

    Notable works:

    Howling Dogs (2012)

  • "I don’t experience making games as an expression of mastery over a system of code [...]. Instead, it feels like a dialogue or sometimes like a shouting match."

    Notable works:

    Lim (2012)

  • "It's just as important to educate about issues in games as it is to let girls kiss cute girls in games."

    Notable works:

    Digital: A Love Story (2010)

    Analogue: A Hate Story (2012)

    Ladykiller in a Bind (2016)

  • "The difference between the human face and this pixel grid is infinite, but we can bridge the gap. We can fill in their details with our own lives."

    Notable works:

    Cart Life (2013)

  • Notable works:

    Bientôt l'été (2012)

    Sunset (2015)

  • "The game industry, with its much touted millions of dollars, could easily cause a global cultural revolution by spending a tiny fraction of its budgets on a few promising artists."

    Notable works:

    Bientôt l'été (2012)

    Sunset (2015)

  • "To create a game world that is always kind to players – that’s not how I see the real world. Whether it be nature or society, it’s often a harsh and unkind environment – so that translates into my games."

    Notable works:

    Demon's Souls (2009)

    Dark Souls (2011)

    Bloodborne (2015)

  • Notable works:

    Hohokum (2014)

  • "I've had some concerns with games that try to portray violence as a clean act that doesn't really have that much of an impact on the player [...] So we tried our best to make it look discomforting."

    Notable works:

    Hotline Miami (2012)

    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2015)

  • Notable works:

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (2006)

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (2008)

    Catherine (2011)

    Persona 5 (2017)

  • Notable works:

    Nier: Automata (2017)