What if Nintendo had great online support?

So the new Wii U has been announced by Nintendo, a new console with a new controller with a screen, two cameras, a tilt sensor, but that's not why we're here. We're here because this console will apperantly be a return to core gaming for Nintendo (whatever that means) and we've also been promised a better online experience. And so, this list will show you great Nintendo games, mostly from the Gamecube era, and how they can be improved with online gaming.

Many ommitions will be made, for different reasons. For exemple, there will be no Mario Kart simply because Nintendo has already made a good job, both on the DS and on the Wii. On the flipside, Super Smash Bros will not make this list because of how awful the online experience for this game was on Brawl, and frankly I don't know how we could make this better.

List items