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Depends on what you consider MULTIPLAYER.

If you are the type looking to setup a lobby with friends, pick a track and then all sit in a starting gate together racing down the run then SSX does NOT have that. What I would call classic "head to head" or "versus" multiplayer.

The "Global Events" are SSX's multiplayer. There are public and private events but no lobbies. You setup an event for a block of time - say 30 minutes. Anyone is free to join the event at any point during that 30 minutes and post the best time/score. At the end of 30 minutes the winner is crowned! So it sounds kind of like a 'hot lap', yeah? For the most part it IS hot lapping. The twist is that you can see other players make their run IF you are dropping in at the same time as them. You won't ever be able to bump them - they are just ghosts of live players - and you will never be lined up in a gate for a 3-2-1-GO! However if they happen to be jumping out of the helicopter onto the run at the same time as you - well, then you will see them.

To me it sounds like EA can be much more laxed on netcode when dealing with hot laps and ghosts. They don't have worry about lag or deal with physics when two players 'bump'. Its a cheap way out and while it maybe fun in its own right, EA needs to stop spinning it and acting like they invented some great new MP system.

You're sort of wrong here dude, they've said that it's possible to set up races or trick events or whatever with friends and go "Versus" as you put it. Seems like you've twisted that to make it anti-EA.

I am not the one TWISTING it - EA is the one twisting it.

I clearly said you can setup private events and clearly said if you and all of your friends happen to wait together in the chopper you would theoretically be able to race at the same time as others providing nobody jumps early (or rewinds).

I never said this Global Mode wouldn't be 'fun' - I just said it isn't true versus MP and I wish EA would stop trying to sell it like it was something new and great. It boils down to them being too lazy and cheap to write netcode for a true online VS mode where we sit in a gate with the game synching our start and run together and allowing for collisions.

Would you buy COD if you were just shooting your friends recorded ghost running around the map from three hours ago? Or SSFIV - where you just air combo and air block and then the game throws your recorded ghost at someone ten minutes later to fight. It is just about as silly as you pimping EAs bullcrap story for them.

COD and SF are two useless anaolgies to make for this. No games except racing games have ever used ghosts and like it or not SSX is a RACING game so trying to compare it to those games is pointless. And who are you or anyone to decide what "true" MP is? Thats like saying COD isnt a true Shooter cus its completely linear unlike games that came before it.

Game design is fluid and forever changing, and no genre or gameplay framwork can be tied down as being the "right" or "true" way to do it, which is fantastic and i wouldnt want it any other way

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I love the games of chinese whispers people play before games come out "i heard it you cant stop on the mountain" leads to "i heard its not even a snowboarding games"

Can we all just take a breath and calm down please?

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Deffinitely in for this

GT : Nallers

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I love the fact that neither BF3 or MW3 are nominated in best or most anticipated

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Come on... does anyone actually believe it? No one ever really dies in this...and if they do...they never stay dead. These characters come back to life all the time!

Of course its not for real but i would have liked to be surprised about it when it happened while im playing the game instead of learning about it 3 weeks before the game is out, Such a huge character dying or appearing to have died is obviously gonna be integral to the story so why the fuck tell everyone about it?

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FFS Brad ever heard of god damn spoiler tags this is a fucking disgrace

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This was an insta purchase for me due to being able to weild a heavy bolter but no online co-op means they aint getting my monies

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Cant fucking wait for this game, looking forward to it more than ToR

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Really wanted to see a quick look for this, since it was on their recommendation i got uplink and the introversion pack

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Friend told me about this earlier, seems CCP have gone about this all the wrong way,

Though according to him CCP have been screwing up a few things these past few months with EVE Online.

Yup they have simply refused to listen to the players concerns and taken the attitude of "we know what you want better than you do". The communication since this whole fiasco took off has been nothing short of appalling with them refusing to answer the simplest of questions and then there have also been the 2 leaks which really show what the higher ups think of their customers.