Braid Conspiracy Theory...Spoilers?

I wouldn't read this if you haven't finished it...

I just finished Braid...and all that "story in reverse" stuff and thought, well, why Tim?

Then I thought, maybe it's backwards for MIT? There are tons of physicists there. So I did some googling for MIT guys that had worked on the Manhattan Project and found some interesting stuff.

This one person, Phillip Morrison, and some good "Braid style" things going...

Not only did he work on the bomb, but was had some pretty interesting feelings about it:

"His firsthand experience of the entire cycle of creation and apocalypse "stamped him for life," Dr. Kosta Tsipis, an M.I.T. physicist and arms control expert, said in an interview yesterday."
He also had a series on PBS called, oddly enough, "The Ring of Truth"

So there you go, maybe Braid is all about yearning and drive at the expense of reason. Maybe it uses the physicists who made the atomic bomb as examples of this, or maybe that atomic bomb stuff is totally unrelated. Who knows? I like to think the "princess" is nothing specific but just a metaphor for that idealized thing we all want but rarely exists outside of our own perception.

What say you Jonathan Blow?