Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Demo

Ok, installing it now. I'm a little that weird? Well, here goes...I'll try and post some impressions of the aftermath concerning this amazing event.


Well, I just played a bunch of matches and I definitely enjoyed it. I thought Naruto's basic attack using his clones was really weird at first, I just wanted to kick or punch a dude, not use his Jutsu. After I got a hang of the controls and the Jutsu combo/toggling, I started to get into it. I'm really surprised at how well the camera works and the speed of the whole thing is actually pretty amazing. I will say I did my fair share of button mashing (it literally says COMBO = MASH BUTTON). I don't think I was able to really feel like I was performing different combos by my own actions, it was kind of the same deal with Burst Limit.

Of course the Ultimate Attacks are the big visual eye candy here and they are pretty spectactular.

The awakenings are also pretty cool, though I didn't get to spend too much time in them before I decimated my opponent. Good stuff.

I'm interested to see what the free roaming content will be like and if there will be some actual narrative. So far though, if it's more than just a fighting game, I could get into it. It won't be long before somebody nails this whole cartoon/anime-can-equal-great-game thing...I hope.