Best of 2010

blacklabeldomm: Best of 2010

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  • Awesome story made me cry at the end. Multiplayer has a bunch of griefers.

  • Awesome world and awesome universe, most technically sound game this year. Mining was garbage.

  • Amazing looking world both technically and artistically, the level of detail blows my mind, so many side things to do, by far my favorite open world eva! Wish the assassin management was straight from the pause menu.

  • My second favorite halo singleplayer. My number one favorite halo multiplayer. There's at least $120 dollars worth of content up in here! Leveling up takes forever.

  • Awesome multiplayer which really encourages teamplay, and for once I feel like I can affect the outcome of the battle. Singleplayer left me wanting.

  • A great departure for the series, they really went for the cinematic gameplay and it's great. I sometimes felt like it forced me to use one single style of gameplay instead of letting me choose.

  • Awesome, well balanced multiplayer experience, the singleplayer is still strong. Going back to shooting Russians feels like going back to health bars in shooters. We need to move on.

  • More fallout is a great thing. Sometimes the game world does not have a real feeling of despair, like as if a nuclear war took place, also some bugs are unacceptable.

  • More of the first game world, sweet! Looking at the achievements makes the whole thing feel like a checklist kinda game.

  • Witty, charming with incredible writing and great music. The ending of the MAIN QUEST screwed me over.

  • Incredible arcade racer, yes folks, NFS is still savable. Unfortunately criterion had to do, and their time is valuable.