Best of 2012

These were my favorite retail games of 2012.

List items

  • I really liked the story in this. The ending I chose felt right to me and also the rest of this game, literally every aspect of it, is a complete thrillride.

    Also blasting fools with a 50. cal. from a chopper in the grand finale is one of my favorite moments of 2012.

  • The campaign is my second favorite in the series and the multiplayer is my favorite so far. Lack of firefight was a super small bummer because spec ops is a good idea and is well implemented.

  • I played this game a lot, like literally 3 times through. I have not done that for any other game on this list.

    Also when rockstar isn't limited by an open world sandbox (seems counter-intuitive I know) to build multiplayer they actually nail it. Hope GTA5 multiplayer learns a lot from max payne 3.

  • Fun, addictive, clever, funny, smooth, well playing....the list goes on. Go play this fool!

  • Memories of 1080 snowboarding flooded my mind as I wreked fools' top scores over and over and over. Getting a gold medal on some descents is a challenge that will leave you thrilled.

  • The conclusion to one of the most important series this generation. Yes the ending and some aspects felt completely rushed but overall the experience is solid through and through.

  • When this was announced I didn't know what to think. But my fears were quickly aleveated when I started racing across beautiful Colorado in awesome cars.

  • I played Darksiders 1 right before this and although it was a good game Darksiders 2 outdoes it in almost every aspect. More games like this need to be made.

  • Can a co-op experience carry a whole game? Syndicate is perhaps the best argument so far in favor of that statement.

  • An honorable mention to one of the coolest games this year. If only guards didn't spot you from a million kilometers away this game would be much better.

    Killing all the assassin nuns by throwing the same axe in all their faces was so awesome. Good going Hitman>