Best of 2013

These are my favorite games that happened to have come out between 01/01/2013 and 31/12/2013

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  • The guys behind Bioshock are literally one step away from combining industry leading story with amazing gameplay into one ultimate game. The story in this made my jaw drop at many points but the gameplay just fell a notch short of being amazing (bad boss battles are a slight problem). Replaying in 1999 mode was actually very cool and I would love for something like this to return in a next game, whatever that may be, because I'm totally on board with whatever comes next.

  • After finishing this I've come to the realization that the handheld Zelda games are so much better than the recent 3D console games. Everything felt so focused and well implemented that even without any of the nostalgia for A Link to the Past I still had a great time. Great music, great gameplay, great dungeons, great story, great setting. Almost everything in this game can be described as "great".

  • I thought I was done with this. AC3 was a major letdown that killed any interest I had for assassinating, but it turns out that if you add a bunch of new peripheral elements around the core gameplay and remove the lame protagonist you got yourself an amazingly fun game. The sense of adventure and discovery had me exploring every inch of the world. I was collecting treasures and collectibles well into 2014. I may reach 100% synchronization any day now, something I haven't done since Assassin's Creed 2.

  • This is like if they took a needle full of nintendo charm and simple fun and shot it right into your eyeball.

    It's the perfect mix of Super Mario World and Super Mario 64, two of the best games in the series.

  • After this we are one step closer to the return of the glory days of Chaos Theory. After playing conviction I was ready to move on and experience the new Splinter Cell, but that's not what the fans wanted and Ubisoft got the message loud and clear. I'm okay with that because SCCT is one of the best games ever made.

    This game came so close to emulating Chaos Theory but seemed hampered by a few to many restrictions in the gameplay department, such as very binary enemy states and limited level explorability. Otherwise it's an awesome and challenging stealth game.

  • The hype just before the launch of GTA 5 was out of this world and I totally jumped aboard the hype train like many others. Watching videos of Franklin jacking a bus before the video got taken down was like a daily adventure on the internet.

    The story was not as good as GTA 4 but everything else was literally 5 to 10 times better (driving, open world, graphics, performance, shooting, set-pieces,collectibles, etc.)

    All 30+ millions units shipped were totally deserved, and I hope Rockstar has big plans for GTA on PS4/XONE, but maybe release a new Red Dead Redemption beforehand, because that's what I really want.

  • I'm not exactly a an expert on the genre, but I will just go ahead and say that this is the best 2D platformer of all time, bar none.

    Okay maybe not but it is really and amazing game that nobody should pass on.

  • You won't find many games that take place in this setting without being a convoluted mess of Eastern European game design. These Ukrainians managed to make a killer shooter but kept the distinct eastern block flavor I've come to love from Metro. Also as a stealth genre lover I really appreciated getting through the whole game without a single kill.

  • I'm not a fan of fighting games, but this one here manages to rope in even the worst players by being extremely intuitive and having a great suite of tutorials and learning tools. It may be light on content but I'd say that's an advantage because it allows me to get way more familiar with the match-up intricacies rather than being overwhelmed by a screen with 30+ fighters to choose from.

  • Honestly I was ready for the QTE festival that this game seemed to promise upon its initial reveal but it actually turned out a way better product with great gameplay and adventuring. It may have been a little light on actual tomb raiding but as an origin story I could let it go. If the sequel also has like 3 tombs to raid then I would be pissed, but this is the origin story and it's a pretty good one.

  • This is the weakest of the Dead Space games but it's still a good game I played through 3 times in 2013. The enemies were boring, the environments dull and linear, and the plot was ridiculous, but something compelled me to play it again and again...

    Now that the DLC promises a continuation of the story I really want to see where this series goes, although I may not be able to endure any more of it without any significant changes to the formula.