Game Impressions Daily: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Chivalry feels like a game that in another time, another era, would have been a free mod, doted on by a small, fierce community and generally regarded by the general public as impenetrable. The thing is: in the modern world where such a niche game can be released commercially, almost everything that made those modifications so fascinating, exciting, and, yes, intimidating, is still very much present. Make no mistake, Chivalry is a difficult game to pick up: it actively punishes brashness and stupidity and you are likely to be both when you start playing (I am). You will probably spend large amounts of time not getting any kills and generally feeling pretty useless, even if the score says otherwise (it certainly doesn't help that the game completely obfuscates its scoring system. What makes Chivalry unique is just how quickly that frustration melts away the moment that warhammer explodes some dude's head. That's where I'm at after about 4 hours of play: mostly useless, often frustrated, and enthralled with chasing that moment of pure elation.