Game Impressions Daily: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Something interesting happened on New Year's Eve. I had a few friends over, as I'm want to do on this special night once a year and while we waited for the ball to drop, we decided to amuse ourselves with some multiplayer gaming, another tradition. A few of us who had played Chivalry before started the game up and before long, we were joined by a fourth: someone who was interested in the game but wanted to see it in action first before taking the plunge. Then a funny thing happened: he started having fun right away. Don't get me wrong, Chivalry is a fun game, but its difficult and complicated enough that I had assumed that fun was something that only came about after some hours of practice (that was certainly the case with me), but here was one of my friends, having a blast right out of the tutorial. OK, I though, maybe he's an outlier, but a little while after that, he switched with someone else: another friend who hadn't played the game before. This time he didn't even have the benefit of the tutorial under his belt, so a little frustration would surely be in order along the learning curve. However, that was still not the case. He was lopping off heads and having as much fun as the rest of us as soon as he started playing. I'm not going to tell you that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is the easiest game to get in to, both of the people I just talked about are avid shooter fans, but I think it may be a lot more accessible than I originally thought.