Game Impressions Daily: Far Cry 3 (2)

Welcome to Game Impressions (Sorta) Daily, a look at games and how our opinions of them change over time, even while in the midst of playing them.

Now that I've finally gotten around to doing story missions, I find that I'm treating them exactly the same way as side quests: as a way to unlock things. I reached the point where I had no more abilities to unlock and I really wanted to play with fire arrows. The solution to both: the story. I can honestly say that I have nearly no interest in what Ubisoft wants to say with Far Cry 3 beyond "Vaas is an awesome villain," but the missions themselves seem compitent enough, although they are unfortunately much more linear than the sidequests. Now that I have unlocked the next tier of skills and the beautifully chaotic fire arrows, I suspect that it may be some time before I attempt to tackle the next story beat.