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I would fight Ghandi

Things to remember when going to college:

1) Everyone's still a fish in a pond. 
2) The sun will come up tomorrow, probably faster than you might think it will
3) in fact, it probably IS tomorrow, so finish that essay and go to bed ASAP
4) The freshmen really are toys 
5) Your professor can be your best friend or your colonoscopist. There is no middle ground.
6) You will see everyone again. Somewhere. Someday. And probably sober.
7) Picking a major can wait. Laundry cannot.
8) Eating well is like brushing your teeth; it's tedious, annoying, but definitely worth it in the long run.
9) There is no such thing as being underdressed. you're either clothed, or not clothed.
10) Mac users do it better. "do what?" you ask? everything.
11) Don't buy books unless it's a math book. You can bullshit everything else.
12) Undergrads have more fun. Grad students get more done. 
13) You're never the first one to do anything, and never the last, either. So enjoy what you do.
14) Clean underwear is not optional. It's mandatory. Wash your fucking clothes.