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Games that are a Must for a comic book girl (i.e. Me)

So I love comic books. Video games are great, but when the two combine.... orgasms ensue

List items

  • The original is super fun. The only thing is that you have to dedicate time to each level. But the story's really fun =)

  • This is on my to do list.

  • Comic book panels between action stuff, looks aweeeesome. Also on my to do list.

  • Nothing to do with comic books directly, but the story and background stuff made it feel like i was reading a graphic novel. This could totally be a personal preference, though.

  • Kind of like WOW, but wayyyy better. Rowr got it over the summer and it was awesome dressing up the super heroes.

  • So delicious. Much more like the detective batman, less like a goofy wanker. The fact that bats takes uber damage helps maintain the whole "he's still a person, not a god" thing that pisses me off about comic book stuff sometimes. Like, come on, if you're getting shot at, you're going to bleed, and you're most likely going to die.

  • On my list of to-do. I'm a little wary because it looks like it's just violence. However, That's pretty much what the punisher is all about, hey?

  • Who doesn't want to be Wolverine? Ok, maybe wade wilson, but man this is awesome.

  • Does the name not say enough? Maybe it's a crappy game, I don't know, but I want to check this out too.

  • I've heard great things about this game. I'm willing to give it a try, I'm just not sure how the dialogue's gonna go, you know?

  • Yeah, not a comic book, but the story flows like one sort of; it's got a lot of visual elements that make me warm and fuzzy. Plus it deals with ancient artifacts which is always awesome in my book.