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I'd love to give a HUGE shoutout to Dave for mentioning EVE on the bombcast. Our channel has never had this many duders before!


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Man, this is fucking amazing. I don't know if I want to actually play EVE because I have nowhere near that kind of time or dedication to a single game, but someone needs to compile and publish a book of short stories detailing the major events in EVE's history.

I would read such a book

kickstarter would be the perfect place for such a book too D:

There are blogs that try to explain the eve political intrigue in terms people can understand though it is still a little hard to penetrate without prior knowledge. Here is a good article about a recent event it's hard for me to tell if its of any use to the uninitiated though.

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@Jace: I'll try and explain a bit because of how EVE mechanics work many people don't understand. First of all this is more individual players than are typically online in an entire MMO cluster/server, all gathered into one grid of one system, essentially in the same place. EVE uses dynamic Time Dilatation (TiDi) to slow down incoming server calls dramatically under high load for the affected and surrounding systems. At maximum it slows time by 90%, allowing the server to handle 1/10th of the normally necessary load. This has allowed the server to even stay up during this size of engagement, however their server architecture comes into play because this fight was extremely organic.

Eve uses lots of machines to run the individual systems and clusters of systems of EVE. The universe is basically 3 concentric rings, with the center being "High Sec" and more densely populated, the outer ring being player controlled "null sec/0.0" with still a good number of players, and the center ring being the forgotten bastard child known as Low Sec. So few people live and use lowsec systems, it needs comparatively little server resources to run, because nothing ever really happens there on this scale. A typical engagement approaching this size happens in Null Sec, usually during a sovereignty battle and relatively easily predictable. This allows CCP time to transfer more server resources to the affected node in advance and allow decently smooth gameplay even under maximum TiDi.

This fight was different, it grew organically throughout the fight, started in lowsec and didn't have reinforced machines to help out, causing lots of lag. Essentially someone laid a trap, waiting for CFC to drop in Caps or Supercaps to take out a moon mining pos. From reports CFC accidentally jumped in a lone titan (Relatively common mistake of hitting jump instead of bridge in an interface), and PL committed their supers to the field to take it out. The rest is an organic escalation of a supercap fight which eventually obviously lead to some laggy situations. It's unfortunate, but from the stream it looked at least marginally playable still, which is a feat from an organic fight with this many players all in one battle.

I've played EvE before, a great deal actually. My problem, because it seems I need further clarity, is that this game has been around forever and they still can't figure out a way to reliably create large scale battles. It's like an Alpha test for BF1942 mods that tried to do 128 players back in the day. It's a cute number and it makes for cute screens but ultimately none of that matters because it breaks.

I wouldn't say it broke exactly. It was really slow but the battle still took place and all those super capital ships were legitimately killed. Even if it was time dilated like crazy.

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@thabigred said:

I put 10 hours into EVE, but nothing doing. At this point the only thing that could get me to play would be if a dedicated group of vent buddies were to just help power level me. As it stands I could probably do with a better group of vent buddies.

have to understand you can't power level in eve. At best you could get good advice about what skills to train but there is no short cut to the training time. Being "max level" is not defined in EvE but I suppose if you wanted to take an example of being able to use tech 2 ships and fittings well that takes several months of training queue time. Your actual game play does not effect this in general and playing the game centers mostly around getting more isk and establishing relationships with other players. If you wanted to just wait for your skills to train you would only have to log in every 24 hours at most to update your skill queue.

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you do realize that they might have not stocked many to begin with

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I'm just gonna leave this here

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the hoarders parody was uncanny

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@Codeacious said:

I saw it in 3D HFR, but as with most 3D movies, I didn't feel it added to the film whatsoever. Definitely go to an HFR showing, though.

all the hfr showings are 3d

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I can't believe no one has posted this one yet... or am I dating myself here?

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oh yeaaah

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