2013's Completed Games

List items

  • Not bad. Enjoyed it quite a bit more than I thought I would, but I expect some pretty drastic improvements in the sequel. I hope.

  • Only a game in the loosest sense, but the disjointed way in which it pieces together its chain of events for you to pick up on is pretty interesting. At roughly ten minutes long it's not much of a commitment, and while I don't regret the money spent on it, I could see how some folks might expect a little bit more.

  • ...wow. Just... wow. Thanks, Japan, I needed that. I loved pretty much everything about this game. Its story, characters, and the unique way in which the DS was used to convey it all were just amazing to me. Virtue's Last Reward is currently en route via Amazon. I'm super excited to get back to some visual novel and puzzle rooms after a quick genre palette cleanser. Moreover, this game has me feeling encouraged to check out other visual novel style "games" like Corpse Party. It's nice to have your eyes opened to something fresh.

  • I'd have finished this one along with the rest of the world if not for having been bitten by the PC save corruption bug twice and losing the will to replay for a while. Feeling pretty energized about adventure games after finishing 999, I re-purchased on iOS and powered through on my iPad. It was a really awesome experience, but I tend to think the level of praise its received might have been a tiny bit excessive. Totally on board for more of this series, though.

  • It wasn't a life-changing experience, but I didn't expect it to be. As someone who hasn't owned proper Nintendo console since the Gamecube, it was nice to get into some 2D Mario again. I still have plenty of coin rushing and star coins left, so I don't think I'm necessarily done with NSMB2.

  • Very likely GotY for me, despite calling the twist a litle bit ahead of time. Loved it.

  • Again. It's that good.

  • I'd heard this was pretty good, but I wasn't prepared to be blown away. This game feels close enough to perfect that I can't really say anything bad. I loved every moment with it, and it even wrung a few tears out of me by the end. Fantastic.

  • I really regret not having played this earlier. I think the main revelation in SR3 for me was that an open world game *can* be a good third person shooter, *can* be a fun driving game, and *can* be completely over the top while still managing to be clever. I've been pickin' winners all year. Another great game.

  • Pretty good. I really enjoyed the Assassin's Creed style traversal puzzles, and the gun play was super solid.

  • Kickstarted this one a year and a half ago, and I'm not afraid to say that it didn't make the greatest of initial impressions on me. It grew on me, though, and by the end I enjoyed it a lot. Though that had a lot less to do with the actual game than the strength of the packaged campaign. The story well simple, but it was well told with some really nice touches. I don't think this gets very close to any end-of-year lists, but I do suspect that I'll be checking in to see what the community does with it for some time.

  • I'd never played this, and hey go figure, I ended up really enjoying it. Having now seen this. though, the first Dead Space seems slightly more derivative than I initially though.

  • I'd feel a lot better about saying I'd beaten this if I'd used all the characters... of if I could manage to win even one round of one online match. Still, Skullgirls has managed to make me feel enthusiastic about the fighting game genre again for the first time in a very long while. I suck, but I'd like to become competent. Tim for practice!