Arcade Racing, coming back to speed!

Sick of Sim 

In recent history of racing games, the "sim" style has come to the forefront, the Gran Turismo's, PGR's, Forza's. I thought that track based arcade racing was dead.  Burnout Paradise is an amazing game, I know many a people that have suck hours apon hours into Paradise City, I myself restarted just to get trophies. Here comes my big but though. For me Burnout 3: Takedown is the best Burnout game of the series. Nothing beats the first time I saw a takedown, and competitive Road Rage (split screen) became more about remembering the tracks down to every inch, rather then just random ramming of cars. I cannot wait for it to be released on PSN.   The open world of Paradise left me fustrated and it no longer felt like a Burnout game, especially without the crash junctions, but I also of recent have had new hope. 
Anyone that has been following the release list of new racing games heading out will realise that Arcade track racing is coming back, and strong. Titles such as Blur, Split Second, even ModNation Racers has me excited. I cant  wait to throw the back end of a car out around a corner, even shoot out power ups , anything but another sim style racer. I may have high hope for these game, but hearing that Criterion has taken over the Need for Speed series, another series I used to love as a child, along side Dayton Racing, Ridge Racer and Screamer (where it all started for me), makes me have hope that my passion for Arcade racing is not going to be lost.