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GOTY 2014

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  • I am a LOTR fan and love open world games. SoM was made for me (i dont care about the Tolkien nitpicking). I really enjoyed the game mechanics, story, and basically everything about this game.

  • This was like playing an incredibly entertaining, well-scripted and hysterical episode of South Park. I loved this game and continue to pop it in to show off bite-sized chunks to friends when they come over.

  • I loved me some Far Cry 3. This is more of that with killer Honey Badgers and THE BIRDS. This would be higher up, but I find myself not wanting to play the story missions.

  • A really underrated game. Once you get the mechanics down, this game is a blast. I used it as a palate cleanser following Shadow of Mordor and was so happily impressed by it.

  • A puzzle shooter with time mechanics, whats not to love?

  • The first FPS that got me back into the genre in a long time. Beautiful, fun, and creative.

  • This game really took me by surprise. I am a fan of the previous Wolfensteins but this one took it to a different level.

  • Not technically a 2014 game, but a game I played in 2014 (again). This is likely my 5th time playing my way through the story in Diablo 3. A great podcast/time sink game.

  • Nowhere near the caliber of the first WD in my opinion but still great storytelling.

  • Well, I know its fun to hate on Destiny, but personally, I have not had a more love/hate relationship with a game in a long time. When it worked, it really worked. When it fell short, it did so terribly.