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Interview Tips?

Surprise, I'm a junior in college and I'm staring straight down the barrel of a gun called 'required summer internships'. Usually this would be more of a ready concern in spring, but this is a special case.

While I'm perfectly aware that the hiring process as a whole in America has been changing rapidly for years and that my area of study isn't exactly the most mainstream thing for this website, I figure any advice is worth hearing. I mean, I assume that a good chunk of duders have jobs. That's more than I have, and I'm willing to admit it!

I have an interview for a fashion design internship at a very large company with a young consumer demographic on November 11th. It's paid (very well), has provided housing, access to a private campus gym, massive discounts at retailers, and priority hiring after graduation -- that's the big one! I feel good about my resume and portfolio (and there's not too much I could do to either than I'm not already aware of right now), so all that's left is making a good impression with the scouts that I meet!

I've heard I need a good handshake and that I should demonstrate that I'm knowledgable about the brand, and ask questions when I can. Any other general pointers come to mind?

I turn to you, community. Pump up my interview game. I don't want to be jobless after I graduate. Not with all these loans.