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Damn it Otto, you have depression.

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Best of 2010

Vonocourt: Best of 2010
Any way to not make the comment a gigantic wall of text?

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  • I used to be big into fighting. Me and my friends who were all no more than a decade old would spend the precious weekends passing along a controller connected to a playstation with Street Fighter Alpha 3 circling in it. While we never really grasped at the depth of the game beyond throwing fireballs, it was still a competitive field...well as competitive as a bunch of button mashers with no understanding of the game mechanics could get.

    Unfortunately, I moved from Georgia to Florida halfway through middle school. Along with the change of scenery, came a change in taste of games. The people I became friends with had no interest in dragon punches, but in recharging shields and needlers. Halo became the go-to-game for weekend multiplayer shenanigans. As it entered, my interest and familiarity with fighting games left.

    Fast forward to July 2010, when on a whim I sat and watched the Super Street Fighter IV live Quicklook. Something clicked, and the next day I found myself driving back from blockbuster with the game in my passenger seat(seat belt fastened). Not long afterward; I owned a fighting stick, I was watching EVO 2010 matches, looking up strategies, and trying to teach my lil'bro the basics.

    While fighting game fanatics may spit on SSFIV, claiming it can't hold a candle to Street Fighter III: Third Strike, I love it. It's those exact reasons that purists say make the game junk as a competitive fighter that helped rekindle my love of fighting games. Though it may not be as strong as it was ten years ago, I have to thank SSFIV for ressurecting it.