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Ranking The Tetrominos

Tetris is one of the few, if not the only game, that we can describe as perfect. However there are things in Tetris that are better than others. The music comes to mind, of course. Or graphics... But what's more important are the characters themselves - Tetrominos!

So today I, as a long time Tetris player and a certified Russian, will put a definitive list of which tetris pieces are the best, and which suck!

  • 7. The Square Block. This one sucks. Cumbersome and annoying, square blocks barely fit anywhere. If you have a good place to fit a square block, you will probably be fine as long as you don't get another square block soon. For many players, those fuckers will just end up standing on one another, creating a useless yellow tower. What's more, even if you have a 2x2 empty space, there are still pieces that could fill that in quite well! What really puts this awful block in the last place is the fact that it's boring. Tetris is a game about dropping and rotating, so square block removes HALF the gameplay from Tetris. Awful.
  • 6. The Z block. Much less useless than its sqare friend, Z block is an interesting fellow that, none the less, can cause lots of trouble. However, it's a tough block to get used to if you're a new player. Even harder than the square block. While our previous friend may be hard to place, it's not hard to learn. Square's a square. This guy, however, can give a lot of problems to people who aren't used to how it looks vertically vs. horizontally, and which buttons rotate pieces in which directions.
  • 5. The S Block. I hear you, I hear you. "They're the same! Why is it better?" Ah, but they're not! The S block is just a reversed Z block, that's true. It has same advantages and disadvantages, but there is a difference! It's green! The Z block, on the other hand, is the scariest-looking block in the game: it's red and sorta looks like a frowned brow. S block, however, is friendly green color. You can almost hear it whisper "it's ok to make mistakes".
  • 4. L Block. While sometimes hard to place, it can be used for simple triple lines, it can be placed horisonally or vertically fairly easy, and it's great for flattening out your terrain! This block also has a double, so let's get to why the next piece is clearly the superior one.
  • 3. Г Block. As with previous twins, Г block has a major advantage with color, sporting a fancy dark blue instead of orange. However, it also represents a much better letter! Г is the 4th letter of Russian alphabet, pronounced mostly like G in "Gorilla" (but can also serve as "K" or "H"). L, on the other hand, makes you think of worlds like "Loser" or "Luigi". Gah.
    Now that you know that this is a real letter, please draw your Waluigis correctly.
  • 2. Line Piece. Didn't expect a controversy, did you? Well, let me explain... Yes, Line is the only tetromino that allows you to clear 4 rows at once, but that's it. It's not incredibly useful other than that. Plugging some holes you've dug for yourself is its secondary feature, but on a fairly normal structure it's annoying! Putting it vertically on top of some blocks just creates an unreachable tower that wastes your precious space. Placed horizontally it's either going to fit your 4-block flat surface (which really doesn't help aside from maybe making a single line), or you'll be placing it over a lot of uneven ground, making it as dangerous as a few square blocks.
  • 1. The T Piece. This piece is used as a game's logo for a reason. Yes, it doesn't let you form a Tetris, you greedy child, but it fits almost anywhere! It can create a little bit of terrain on a flat surface, so that Z and S pieces could be placed there! It can fit in holes without much trouble! And let me tell you about those T Spins! It looks good, has a nice purple color, and it's the only tetromino I would hang out with.
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