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Best of 2009

Vorbis: Best of 2009

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  • No more can people say games are too easy these days, having to learn monster patterns hasn't been required in gaming for a long time. The atomsphere in DS just isn't found anywhere else, it's so desolate and eerie. Not even mentioning the satisfaction of being able to kill that monster perfectly who's been one shotting you for hours.

  • Loved every minute of it, voice work, graphics and gameplay were top. Characters were very beliveable and without trying to sound like a cliché it was very cinematic. Huge leap of improvement over the first title. Multiplayer also took me offguard, not something I would try usually but I really got into it.

  • Was a big fan of the first game and this just improved on it in every way. Stalking over the rooftops before jumping onto a victim never looked so good. Can't wait to see what will happen to Desmond.

  • A very traditional RPG, had to be played with the top-down view but that is what I loved. Some great voice acting and the story kept me playing, even for a brand new IP the world seemed like it had been around longer than just this title. Favourite character of the year has to go to Alistair, a brilliant character.

  • Big suprise for me, never been much of a "Super Hero" kind of guy but I really loved the game and I can't think of another game with a better setup for a sequel, bring on the beast!

  • Loot, Co-op, leveling, guns, online. Couldn't ask for more... well maybe an increased difficulty and level cap?

  • When this was released it consumed me for weeks and not many games get me to put up with randoms online. The visuals lived up to the E3 hype video released years ago and not only that but it still has some of the best sounding warfare. Also game that would be alot higher if it had been released a month ago (also if Rico had died!).

  • A very overlooked traditional platformer, not only that but this game kicked my arse. Filled with the best characters from the Disgaea series and a lovely art style.

  • Hard to go wrong with that Warhammer lisence, even though DoW2 lost the base building I still loved this sequel. The campaign was definitly the big pull on this game, building the squads the way I wanted was great. Biggest gripe was the lack of campaigns for the other races.

  • A terrible Resident Evil, was very hard to see any resemblance to survival horror. But it was a great third person shooter, especially with another friend over PSN. Not often a game gets me grinding for money just to unlock weapons i'll never use, but this game managed it.