Dat Giant Bomb Dota 2 Community!

Such a good time!

Just wanted to say thanks to the duders' I was playing with earlier today; I urge anyone who wants to get into Dota 2 to join the Giant Bomb chat channel in-game and play!

I had only played bot games before today, and happened to find a crew in the chat that was awesome! They gave me tips and carried my mediocre Sven game into two consecutive wins. Hope to see you all online!

sidebar: thanks for the tips maidenmatt!

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How awesome was T.A.N.G?

It was really, really awesome.

After re-watching the Hitman T.A.N.G in Patrick's recent article; I stumbled and fell into a "this ain't no game" extravaganza.

I think the series of videos features some of Vinny's most charming/funny video editing, and Ryan is at his best in every episode.

If your new to the site, or have never seen the series check it out

What was your favorite episode?


Splinter Cell Vita?

Can I get a Splinter Cell Vita? I would settle for a port if that's the route they take.

Chaos Theory coming to the 3DS was a confirmation that they are not Microsoft; being that the original was exclusive for so long.

Anyone else interested in a Splinter Cell Vita title? Has there been any rumors of one?


Borderlands II Easter Egg!

Oh Borderlands, how'd you know I wanted some Minecraft in you!

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Anyone else find some interesting secrets? I would love to find some unique skins/heads.

I got some Minecraft skins/heads from the creeper killin'


I miss videogames guys...

This whole "let's not release any new games right now" section of the year has got me down duders.

On the bright side, it has given me a chance to go finish the Wadjeteye games I've not touched since purchased.

Gemini Rue was freakin awesome! A must play for people who like things.

I'm on Resonance now, and loving it. Not the same "umph" that Rue had, but very quirky and fun nonetheless.

Anyone want to talk about some video games with me?

What games are you playing?

What games are you looking forward too?


Isometric Post Apocalyptic Adventuring

I absolutely adore Fallout 2.

I've played around 10 hours of the second installment from Black Isle and it's awesome.

I'm now a "Made Man" in the Salvatore family in New Reno, my wife is carrying a laser pistol, and my undead buddy Lenny is rolling with some Mk.II leather armor. We're ready to raid the next quest with force.

Anyway, go play it. If you haven't tried it, try it. If it's overwhelming at first (it was for me) go read the beginning of http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/The_Nearly_Ultimate_Fallout_2_Guide

If you have played it and have some tips for me and my crew for the next mission, I'm all ears! n_n