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A tightly designed experienced hampered by redundanc and glitches 0

Released in response to the behemoth that is Call of Duty, the Medal of Honor reboot that transitioned the series to modern warfare was met with less critical praise and even less enthusiastic players. I found this strange upon playing MoH myself because while it did fall into predictable trappings of a linear explosion-fest, it was much more intimate and authentic feeling than Call of Duty or any other major modern war FPS on the market. Medal of Honor’s tighter plotting focuses on a group of o...

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A fully realized game world. 0

If I had to choose between the dense, detailed, and populated open world of Arkham City or the sparse, sprawling tundra of Skyrim, I'd pick Arkham City any day. Every crevice of this game feels detailed and expertly designed. It's "small" by open-world standards, yet still an expansion from Arkham Asylum, but no area is left for randomly generated ornaments to fill the scene or copy-paste dungeons. It all feels lovingly handcrafted with puzzles and side-quests littering any square foot that isn'...

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This game was a joke and a bad one at that. 0

No loading screens between islands. Euphoria physics. Real-time weather effects and random wildlife. Accurate bullet impact and recoil. Facial mapping technology. These are the features that are pushed by each new Rockstar release. Technical marvels that sell their AAA budged games. Then these features are recycled into redundancy in every subsequent title released by the studio. Don't get me wrong, these are amazing technologies that open up possibilities for the industry as a whole. But they a...

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Sets a high water mark for atmospheric experiences. 0

This slow, barely interactive, goal-less virtual novel is an atmospheric masterpiece. We've seen some games that focus on atmosphere more than plot or gameplay such as LIMBO, Journey, Flower, and Heavy Rain but none of those hit the highs that Dear Esther not only hits, but maintains for its entire duration. Despite doing nothing other than walking around, Dear Esther is immersive with beautifully rendered scenery, poetic and ambigious narration and a chilling score. There are no achievements fo...

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A cut-and-paste job that loses the soul. 0

I waited patiently for eight years to experience this game. Remedy formally leaving the franchise for Alan Wake was a blow to me that I thought tragic. If only younger me knew of the greater tragedy: actually playing Max Payne 3. In an almost meta-aware move, Rockstar made the actual Max Payne 3 experience a hard-boiled tragedy for the player, assuming they were a long time fan of the series. Initially, the game starts of great, but the obnoxious Tony Scott style visual effects, self-loathing di...

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A series of failed promises lives up to its reputation. 0

My skeptic alarm was going off when the initial trailer hit for Killzone 2 showing a mesmerizing battle that blurred the lines between gameplay and cutscene. I wasn't so interested in the "is it pre-rendered?" conversation as I was about the fluidity of the gameplay. And wasn't all this a bit suspicious after "Killzone" tried to push the same "wow" hype only to come up empty? Guerilla didn't learn apparently, and Killzone 2 turned out disappointingly (if predictably) static. Much more polished, ...

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