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I was blown away! 0

When I got my first GameBoy Advance system, in 2003, I had a pretty good selection of games, that I could get for my birthday. I tried to convince my uncle to buy me the GameBoy Advance SP, but I finally just went with Pokemon Ruby instead. And in the end. I was pretty satisfied. The Pokemon series, was just starting to creep into my life, as I would watch it every morning on the Kids' WB. And finally, I was able to play the game. I came into summer camp the next morning, with my GBA, and PKMN R...

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Another Well Pollished Game from Capcom 0

While lookin' for some good fighting games for the Dreamcast (more like another awesome fighter from Capcom), I went out for this one, as there was a ton of hype for this game, and unlike with Metroid Prime, this game, did not disappoint! All sorts of high paced action, great combo's you could pull off, and amazing Team Ultimate's (that are surprisingly able to be pulled off pretty easy), and the game was pretty much perfect.  When it comes to graphics, they're great 2D graphics, with 3D backgro...

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Oh Metroid Prime, how you have failed me... 0

When I got my second Nintendo Wii, and was looking for some good GameCube games to pick up for it. I was hearing all of this hype for the game, Metroid Prime, and when I finally picked it up, I was very disappointed. I was recently getting into the Metroid series again, and when I got this, I was really psyched, when I saw the intro, believing it was gonna be a great, game that would make my jaw drop. But then, all of that, got crumpled up, and thrown in the trash can. I first entered the game w...

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