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that took 3 days of vacation from his job when GTA IV hit as well as Super Mario Galaxy and will continue to use my hard earned vacation days to play games. Lots of sick days available too.

Uh, thats about it. I play basketball, work, take care of the wife and 2 year old son so I'm pretty busy which cuts down on the time with my 360 and Wii.

Can't lie and say I play the Wii but its mostly for the wifey and for holding dust. It used to glow blue all the time until I snapped and ripped out the power cable. It's even annoying when it isn't being used. Thanks Nintendo.

Here's my setup in case you care. I mostly game in the basement home theatre but the living room setup works fine when winter hits. It gets so cold in the basement in NY.

Basement: Ceiling mounted INFOCUS SP4805 projector

Wall mounted Da-Lite 72"x96" Glass Beaded Model B screen

XBox 360 Pro (launch unit with X-Clamp removed and heat sink mod)

XBox 360 S

First Floor: Sony 42" W Series 1080p LCD HDTV

Wii and Wii Fit

The future home of the PS3 will be the first floor. I might just skip it and wait for the next generation but I really want to play the Uncharted series as well as The Last of Us when it comes out.