Couple changes.

Well for one I changed my avatar.  I am no longer the Dark Magician Girl.  I am now Mikuru Asahina.:)  Apparently because of this Bender, hazel-err I mean Haruhi, Yuki , and I shall take over the world!.....or something.:P

Secondly I changed my profile image.  It is now Chihiro from Persona 3 FES.:D  Eh what can I say I like her.:P

Third I spent a couple days uploading stuff and am now #400 something or other.:D

And Phoenix Wright manga in September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:o  So totally awesome!:D

Oh yeah and I got a wall scroll for my room. 
It's above my bed now.:P  First I didn't think I was gonna get a new one because most of the Haruhi ones were the girls in their bikinis.:P  But lucky me I took one last look, saw the familiar lettering, pulled this one out, and huzzah I now have Haruhi on my wall.:P  Thank you anime store at my local mall.:D

Lastly I got The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Limited Editions 3 & 4.  Lucky me the Suncoast at my mall(also where I got my wall scroll) was having a sale so I got them $20 off.:D  And by me I mean my mom paid for them.:P  I would have bought them myself but I didn't expect to find them.  Especially on sale so I didn't bring alot of money.:P  Although I have no idea what to do with the pillow cases that came with them(aside from obviously using them as a pillow case).:P  I also saw the Limited Edition Volume 1 on sale there too.  But I already have the Volume 1 Bundle.  I guess it's kind of like the black sheep(or bunny....girl) of my collection.:P  So yeah I guess I had a pretty cool day at the mall and I finally finished watching the series.:D

And I guess since Bender is going to be posting ecchi Haruhi pics, hazel will be posting ecchi or more pics like the last one of Yuki, and I guess my new tradition shall be to post Mikuru pics!  Sadly I don't have any of the ones Kyon took of her in the maid outfit.:P

Mikuru Asahina
Mikuru Asahina
Yeah it's just the bigger picture of my new avatar here.:D

Yo everyone.

Hey everyone this is Vyse_Legends from GS.  Seems I've wandered over here.  Well so far I like it it's very nice here.  The site is alot faster than GS and smexier.:P  So I hope I find all the familiar faces and names from GS.  And I hope I meet some new ones.

And where is my sig and emotion things.  And why can't I post a link to "Skittles"!?*cries*

And I will still continue the GS tradition