All time favorites!

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  • A curse and a blessing, it is number one purely for affecting my complete outlook on video games i won't go for a game unless it delivers a quality story, an immersive world and has cut scenes that rival those you find in feature length films, if not i am dissatisfied. Unfortunately i was too young when the first Metal Gear Solid game came out, so this was what rocked my world instead, yes i actually thought Raiden was fricking awesome! I still want them to make a game that uses the mechanics they used for the sword fighting in this game.

  • It is impossible to try and tally up how many times i have played this game... and every time it was just as fun as the last, this in my opinion is an immortal game, i just cannot grow tired of it.

  • Red/ Blue were amazing in bringing this amazing game series into this world, but Gold was the Pokemon game that has always stood out for me for some reason.

  • This game blew my mind, the completely different style of gameplay, never have i had such a rush in a video game, scrambling all over a colossi's back and holding on for dear life. I have always gone for video games with more cinematic quality to them and this one is unmatched in its presentation, felt so much more than a video game.

  • I never got tired of this game, so much to do and i got totally immersed in the world... ok i was only about 9 at the time so i don't know now if it was actually any good. But this game has always stuck with me for some reason.