PS3 games in my meagre collection

The following games have managed to wrench the hard-earned money out of my bank account in return for a place in my PS3 collection.

List items

  • Still enjoying jumping in and playing a few rounds on the odd evening or weekend.

  • After 118 or so hours I've still not completed it...and nor do I want to just yet. I want to savour the freedom of roaming around the expanse of Chapter 11 for a good long time yet. Like the Good Ol' Days.

  • Still one of my favourite games in terms of story and character empathy

    only really surpassed by...

  • Anyone's PS3 game collection, be it 3 or 300 games, is sorely lacking without this masterpiece. As many have said, the train level alone is worth the asking price.

  • Oh I had such high hopes for this game. I thought, "Here's a game that I can potentially play FOREVER!"

    I spent hours (nay, days) sketching out little mechanisms and ideas, spent even longer painstakingly sculpting little pieces of digital wood, polystyrene and metal (even created my own 3D typefaces for signage)... but nope, my enthusiasm faded and it's now languishing on the shelf, save for a brief flash of interest when I bought the water add-on.

  • Another sponge-like game that sucked in countless hours of my life gaining the Elite licence and doing challenges online. Loved EVERY SECOND.

  • As a long time player of all the flavours of GTA, it was pretty much a given that this great-looking rendition of the sprawling Liberty City for the PS3 would muscle its way onto my shelf. I'm a big fan of games that are good value for money in terms of cost vs. hours of gameplay and GTA4 does not disappoint in that regard, in fact... oh hang on... my phone's ringing... ... ... "Cousin, it is your cousin... let us go bowling!" ... AAAARRRRGGGGH!!

  • Another series of games that I have collected since the days of the Original PlayStation. Lots of cutscenes in this PS3 version but that was in no way detrimental to the MGS4 experience for me, especially as in some of them you get to "mess around " and explore the environment as the main characters are expositioning away around you. The game just seemed to ooze high production values at every turn from the superb live action TV shows and ads at the beginning (oh you Japanese and your tentacles) right the way through to the movie length ending. Did I mention Hideo Kojima REHEEAAAALLLYY loves his cutscenes! Lots of fan service cameos along the way as just about every loose end in the franchise is addressed. Apparently, there is talk of an update with added trophies in the future... looks like I'll have to get to CQC-ing again.

  • Another one that I really liked when I first got it. Even ploughed many many hours of playing time getting the majority of the Online trophies and all but one of the Campaign trophies.

    That one single player trophy being the "Complete all missions on Elite difficulty"

    Fighting through the Campaign on Elite difficulty seemed OK at first, I was even thinking, "What were all these people on the forums talking about it being so damned difficult?" and then came the final section of the final level... Jeez!

    About 3 months after I first tried to beat it, I finally said, "screw it! It's not happening!"

  • Bought it (along with miiiillions of others). Enjoyed the Single Player Campaign. Even really liked the Multiplayer for a while... Then got steadily more and more fed up (again like millions of others) with all the out-and-out cheating, bu##ers running about just getting cheap knife kills and 12-year-olds (who shouldn't even be able to own the game) cussing at anyone and everyone. Stopped playing it and didn't miss it at all. Maybe the Stimulus Package might lure me back, but I seriously doubt it. Battlefield Bad Company 2 seems to be sating my need for any contemporary conflict-based FPS-ery at the moment.

  • Was my first exposure to the PixelJunk games and a highly enjoyable one it was too. Frustrating? Yes, often (especially when you narrowly miss a jump and fall aaaaaalll the way down the the bottom of the map)... but when you succeed at the challenge, it's very satisfying. Enjoyed it so much that I happily bought...

  • Another weird and wonderful winner from PixelJunk. Reminds me of the old 8-bit game "Thrust". A simple-looking game but it's a blast to play in single and multiplayer "co-operative" modes where it's not uncommon to hear, "Nooooooo... don't shoot that rock!... Great, you just melted two survivors." It does seem overall to be like an extended tutorial, though, introducing the various mechanics ready for the next instalment (which I'm very much looking forward to since 100 percent-ing this one )

  • Fusion DLC add-on. ___________ . Again, I've followed this series of games since the beginnings on the PlayStation and this PS3 version with its fiendishly tricky trophies has seen my HDTV lit up into many a late night of "just one more race."

  • DLC add-ons. Similarly to WipeoutHD, above, I downloaded the demo version of this game from the PSN and found myself almost immediately upgrading to the full game. A controller-destroying dual-joystick shooter that puts you so far "into the zone" that you may find that you've actually stopped blinking temporarily. I had forgotten that I'd actually played their original "Stardust" on the Amiga and found the inclusion of the original music to be a nice touch. Just missing 2 of the 17 trophies on this (one of which I'm convinced is straight-up impossible)

  • "Arrrrrrrgh!", "What the...", "Noooo...." and "Oh, Come on!..." are just few of the more repeatable utterances that accompanied every single playing of this game. I was determined not to let this game get the better of me, and it royally kicked my mental ass in places. It's one of those games where, when you've finally kicked yourself after figuring out what you have to do in some rooms, you still find you've got the task of ACTUALLY DOING what you've figured out. Not always so easy. Even after I eventually got to the end of the core game, I found out that the creator had included a whole series of RIDICULOUSLY difficult hidden puzzles for those as equally crazed as he must be! For instance, one of them involves not only finding out how to jump onto a certain cloud, but then waiting literally 40 minutes for it to slowly cross the screen to enable you get to a hidden bit. Madness! (shakes fist)

  • For how long can you repeatedly press a fire button? Wow, that's impressive! But this game will still make you feel like you might want to stump for that cybernetic finger enhancement you heard about. Screen-fulls of many, many, many cartoon zombies will die at your hands (well more specifically at the end of your pistol, shotgun, uzi, baseball bat or even your lawnmower amongst other things.) I bought this during a PSN Special Offer sale, and a right little bargain it was! It's just too exhausting to play too often. Fun as a co-op game too.

  • A nice looking pool game. Shame the AI is such a bast#%$@...! Grrr don't get me started! Recently downloaded the new crazy-shaped tables DLC. One game against the AI later (during which it had got out of a snooker by bouncing off about 5 cushions and then potting the object ball), I'd switched it off to a cry of, "THAT'S why I never play this game!"

  • Quite literally, THE most difficult trophies I have ever seen! The only game I own that I have 0% on.