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wafflestomp: Best of 2010

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  • I'm Commander Reno..err Sheppard and this is my favorite game of 2010 on the Citadel. Bioware fixed almost everything that was "wrong" with the original Mass Effect. Add in some of the best characters and some space madness and you have one hell of a game.

  • 2 words: John Marston. Rockstar really hit this one out of the park. They managed to create one of gaming's all time greatest characters, one you actually cared about. Thank you to whoever voiced John, it may be the greatest performance in a game ever.

  • Flat out one of the best games I have ever played. Yes it is kind of broken, but as a game it is fantastic experience. You must play this, Mr. House says so.

  • No Master Chief?!! No Problem. Great Story, Noble Team, The Tension, the conclusion... play this game.

  • Dear Team Meat: I love you, but if I ever meet you I will punch you in the face, then buy you a beer. Amazing game.

  • I played all 3 God of War games this year. III looks stunning, plays great, and is violent as hell. Good stuff.

  • It's a me, Philio! All these years later and it is still a blast to run around as Mario.

  • This game was a total surprise to me. As a Transformers fan from back in the day, this is the game I dreamed about as a kid. I hope they make a sequel.

  • This little $5 download was a total blast. Lots of replayability. Maybe all the Dead Rising you need.. until Case West.

  • So bad it is good.