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My craziest S-ranks

This is a list of my top 10 most difficult/time consuming S-ranks. These "Achievements" makes me question my sanity.

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  • 30 games. About a third of them are still fun to play. There is no way I would've played through all of them if I had not decided to go for the S-rank. The save state feature was critical for getting through games such as battletoads. There can't be a lot of people in the world that has completed battletoads legit. The Orchestra Pit is Beyond The Impossible

  • 600(!) achievements spanning four awesome and one decent game. Also a glitchy mess at launch. Having played a lot of Halo during the years most of these came really easy. Apart from some obnoxious multiplayer achievements the biggest hurdles was the the LASOs (Legendary All Skulls On) and legendary speed runs. Each one was for beating each game within three hours. 3 and 4 was easily done in co-op. 1 was tougher but not that bad. 2 were when things went crazy. I had to study a bunch of speed runs to go below three hours. Fortunately I had a lot of help with the LASO runs which made them fairly painless. You're Joking Devastating Goat Roped Monopolized

  • Chariot is great but it has a difficulty curve that crawls near the ground for most of the game until it decides to go to the moon. The secret level has among the most difficult platforming I've ever played. The first time I completed it took me more than 4 hours to reach the end of the level. Then I had to it again collecting every single piece of loot, once more without gear and tens of attempts speedrunning it for a gold time, not counting restarting the level early. I'm Unbankable since I'm Never Not Sliding.

  • I don't even... Why? How did this happen?

    When I completed Catherine the first time I took a look at the achievement list and figured "There is no way in hell I will ever even attempt this crazy shit". I guess this S-rank happened because the game grew on me and I found myself getting better and better and having more and more fun with the increasingly challenging block puzzles. I also found it ridiculous playing co-op with myself since I found the last two Babel levels completely effed up with one controller.

    Cheers To You! me...

  • It took me 3 years to S-rank this game. I'm a 7 day survivor; 15 hours of nonstop gaming and totally worth it.

  • Despite +6000 deaths I'm a golden god

  • The Phantom Pain is weird in so many ways. It is the big budget Peace Walker I did not know I wanted with an oddly quiet Snake. While it feels like a lot of the game was cut there is still a crazy amount of content left in the game. Elite Conservation Army Executed.

  • This game is so much fun, I played it almost exclusively for a month. The challenge rooms did get a little tiring in the end however. A true Campaign Wonder Twice Nightly

  • What is Project Spark doing on this list? It is fairly easy and not really that time consuming discounting the need to play 10 different weeks. It makes the cut because when I started it, it was dying. The developers gave you plenty of notice before closing the servers and gave you the game and it's DLC for free. The biggest hurdle to clear was getting 100 people to download one of your homemade "games" within 24 hours of posting it. I took part of an initiative that had hundreds of people downloading each others games during a 24 hour period. Most of us got the achievement and it was really cool to have so many people helping each other to reach a fairly pointless goal. This Rising Star is a Mythical Creator.

  • I'm having a really hard time placing dark souls on this list. There is no doubt this is a long and difficult game but it never felt tedious despite playing for almost 100 hours. I'm The Dark Soul