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I did it for the points.

I don't know whether I should actually write anything here. With this new quest system, my addictive nature compels me to get as many points as I can. I also don't feel like I should attach this garbage to a forum considering I'm a general unknown there.  Anyway, here is a random Japanese spit-take, for you!

  Keep your shit guns.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

I guess Santa was trying to send me a message this year. 

For anyone who cares, you can also find the
For anyone who cares, you can also find the "Happy" Obama Chia.

Thank a bunch, you old fat bastard.

Most Wanted 09 List

 As each big game release season arrives, I make a list of games that I'm interested in purchasing. Here are a few of my opinions.

Halo 3: ODST

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Hate me if you want, but deep down I still like Halo. And even though what I've seen brings back the old Halo vibes, I hope ODST tries to go for a new feel. I'm not totally convinced this "film noir" look really gives the game any tension or mystery, especially since that atmosphere only seems to pertain to the "hub world" that the Rookie explores. Also, I would hope playing as an ODST would involve more strategy or, and I hate using this word for games, "tactics" than being some enhanced super-soldier. Firefight looks like plenty of fun as well, and hopefully it's appeal will last a bit longer for me than Gears 2's Horde Mode. Perhaps the included multi-player disk for Halo 3 will get me to play again, since I don't have all of the maps, and people bitch when you don't have all the maps. :!

Brutal Legend

 Fuugan yeashanow SHARRONNN!
 Fuugan yeashanow SHARRONNN!
  I'll say this up front, I'm not an uber fan of Tim Schafer. I'm an even lesser fan of Jack Black. I haven't played Schafer's previous games, except Secret of Monkey Island, but Brutal Legend intrigues me. I don't know how much I'll like the hack/slash combat, but it's PIkmin-esque squad command gameplay has me interested as to how well it works. That, and Ozzy Osbourne is, I guess, your upgrade vendor. Awesome. The over-the-top metal styling and the more-than-awesome soundtrack also make me want to pick this one up. I might even break one of my rules and pre-order to get demo access, but I still stand by my opinion that you should never pay for demos, in any capacity. 


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  With each day that passes, I become less and less interested in Borderlands. Not to say that I won't buy it, but something is concerning me that I just can't put my finger on. I don't mind the lacking character customization, or even the complete lack of a trading system. It might be that so little of the game has been shown. I like to get a good look at a game before I make a decision, and so far I've seen videos of the same areas, killing the same enemies. Or, maybe those are actually different areas and different enemies being shown, and they sadly all look the same. Even so, I consider myself a loot whore, and if i can have a gun that shoots lightning missiles, or even better, lightning chainsaws, count me in. 

Modern Warfare 2

 This might as well be considered a given purchase, since everyone is going ape-shit (take that as you will) about it. I loved CoD4, even with the plethora of issues I have with it's multi-player, I'm sure I will love MW2 just as much as the predecessor, if not more. More weapons, perks, equipment, and growling UK accents. Sounds fine, mate. I'm a bit curious as to how good the Spec-Ops mode will be, and how difficult it will become to find a good partner. As for single-player, as long as it's outrageously exaggerated and chocked full of explosions I'll be a happy customer. 


Honorable Mentions

  • Uncharted 2
  • Forza 3
  • Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Assassin's Creed 2

A Close Friend Lost (2005-2009)

Looks like God needed another expensive piece of plastic.....

The box, the myth, the legend.
The box, the myth, the legend.

Thankfully this happened during the slow season, otherwise I'd be really pissed.

Oh wait, that's right, the warranty expired.




People Don't Like It When You Do Bad Things.

I'm a bit torn at the moment.

Last night I beat Sucker Punch's newest game, InFamous, and I enjoyed it. But the games that have these "morality meters" have always bugged me in the past, and sadly, InFamous is no different.  With most games of this type, I play as either a "good" or an "evil" character. I play as one, and then I play as the other. Doing so lets me see what kind of difference my actions have on the game world. Also, I'm able to see the difference in powers, or character relationships, and other aspects that may depend on your moral standing.

In InFamous, you can either be BLUE Cole.....
In InFamous, you can either be BLUE Cole.....
Now here's the problem I have with InFamous. When I played as a "good" character, I ran around saving innocents, taking down bad guys and generally being a nice dude. *SPOILER (But not really.)* Then at a point near the end of the game you have to make a very tough decision, or at least what the developer wants you to think is a tough decision. The thing is, I felt no emotion when deciding since the person to whom the decision affected had never had a large role in the story in my opinion. *SPOILER (You can open your eyes now.)* It was only after I attempted to play through as "evil" Cole that I realized your Karma had no affect on the main plot. And, to tell the truth, I never finished playing as naughty Cole. About three missions in on the evil playthrough I had reached the rank of Thug, and all of Cole's powers, the HUD, and even part of the pause screen turned a vibrant red. "Cool," is what I said initially, but as play continued and some powers were given a few upgrades, I found the game to feel almost exactly the same as when I played as the Hero. Yes, your powers caused more damage to the environment than they would if you were "goodie-two-shoes" blue, but what affect did that have on the game really? Any good/bad decision you are given is so clear cut that I could tell what it would be even before I was given the actual choice, even before Cole spells it out for you like you couldn't grasp the situation already.

...or RED Cole.
...or RED Cole.
So, instead of soldiering through and seeing the evil ending on my own television, I took the lazy man's approach and looked up the ending on the internet. Much to my dismay, I then found out there is only one true ending to the game, which means that "tough decision" you made earlier, or in fact any decision you made through the game, had no impact on the outcome. *SPOILER (Really)* While I do appreciate the meaning behind the ending, being that Cole's story was already planned by Kessler and nothing Cole could have done would change it, it really trivializes the Karma system.*SPOILER (end)* Your Karma only affects the short aftermath summation after the credits, where you have either saved Empire City or further turned it into a decimated wasteland. So my question is, why have this system in place at all if it does not have any real impact on the story?

And also..

Today is my birthday, and I am King Panda.
Today is my birthday, and I am King Panda.


The Mad Catz SuperHadoukenator!

It's Super Dynamic Cooking Time!

Hey there boys an' girls, I just wanted to give some quick impressions of the new Mad Catz Street Fighter 4 Arcade FightStick for the Xbox 360. I've only had a few hours to aquiant myself with this new-fangled technology, and please be aware I'm not an expert or professional.

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Even though I've always associated the Mad Catz brand with steaming piles of dog excrement, this new arcade stick is surprisingly well made. The buttons are very responsive, and the included turbo feature is easily programmable. The case itself is a good size, and is light enough to not cause any discomfort after long play sessions (that is, if you have it on your lap). My one main complaint is the actual stick, which is a bit too loose for my taste. Also, inputting quater/half circle moves, like fireballs, is a bit hit and miss (though that may be from my own ineptitude).

Here are a few pictures:

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