The Mad Catz SuperHadoukenator!

It's Super Dynamic Cooking Time!

Hey there boys an' girls, I just wanted to give some quick impressions of the new Mad Catz Street Fighter 4 Arcade FightStick for the Xbox 360. I've only had a few hours to aquiant myself with this new-fangled technology, and please be aware I'm not an expert or professional.

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Even though I've always associated the Mad Catz brand with steaming piles of dog excrement, this new arcade stick is surprisingly well made. The buttons are very responsive, and the included turbo feature is easily programmable. The case itself is a good size, and is light enough to not cause any discomfort after long play sessions (that is, if you have it on your lap). My one main complaint is the actual stick, which is a bit too loose for my taste. Also, inputting quater/half circle moves, like fireballs, is a bit hit and miss (though that may be from my own ineptitude).

Here are a few pictures: