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Best of 2009

WallacetheGreat: Best of 2009

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  • What can I say, I love to walk around and stab dudes. Wait, that doesn't sound right...

  • Some awesome set-piece moments in the game's single-player campaign and the extensive upgrades and unlocks in multiplayer put Modern Warfare 2 near the top of my list.

  • Even with the near non-existent narrative, Borderlands fulfills my loot addiction, with great success.

  • Amazing single player experience, fun multiplayer and co-op. What keeps this lower on my list are the few frustrations I had in certain levels. Much like 50 Cent and his hatred towards helicopters, I wish for every train I come across to one day be a smoldering pile of scrap.

  • The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony are great additions to Grand Theft Auto 4, but some of the controls, mainly shooting and flying, feel dated compared to other recently released games.

  • I loved the setting, story and characters. Too bad the RTS elements and controls keep this one out of my top five.

  • I'm still a closet Halo fan, so ODST was to me a nice little addition to the story.

  • Sucker Punch's new adventure game makes me want another Sly Cooper. Thankfully, this was a great substitute.

  • Nice Metroid/Castlevania inspired game. Look past all of the Orson Scott Card controversy and please, play this.

  • It's fun to destroy things, bro.