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Favorite Video Game Characters

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  • What could I possibly say about GLaDOS? If you've played Portal, you know. She's the delicious frosting on top of one the most engaging video games of the last decade.

  • A lot of people say Andrew Ryan is a great character. Well...he is, but I was more fascinated with Atlas aka Frank Fontaine. He is one of the scariest characters in any game because I trusted him for so long. The game feeds you bits a pieces of information about Fontaine and his connection with the fall of Rapture, but even after I finished the game I found myself wondering, Who is Atlas?

  • Usually main characters in games aren't very interesting. But what makes Darth Revan great is that you play through most of the game hearing stories of this great Jedi who defied the council and fought in the Mandalorian wars and then became a Sith, what a bad ass. Then you find out it's you! The best twist since "No, Luke, I am your father."

  • This guy cracks me up. But he also tells a fully fleshed out and heart-breaking story of a fresh-faced ambitious scientist as he turns into a bitter old man. Cave Johnson is one of the most interesting and memorable character in any game I've ever played and he never even appears in the game.

  • Theresa is the only character to appear in all three Fable games. She goes from your sweet little sister to bad-ass hero to wise old woman. She interests me because of her unexplained immortality and the ambiguity of her goals. I just keep waiting for her to be a villain.

  • I love the illusive man because he's just so... illusive. He is a complete mystery. How old is he? Why does he appear to have robotic eyes? How did one man become so powerful? Is he even human? What is he really after? Does he know more about the reapers than he lets on? The things I imagine are probably greater than the truth and that's why I don't want to know.

  • There are a lot of great characters in the Metal Gear Solid series, but Revolver Ocelot has been so consistently undefinable he has to be my favorite. I'm never really sure what side he's on or what his true intentions are.

  • In a game series full of larger-than-life super soldiers, Hal Emmerich aka Otacon is a very human character. After being saved by Solid Snake and helping destroy the Metal Gear Rex, Otacon becomes Solid Snake's closest friend. Otacon serves as the emotional and more relatable counterpart to a cold and grizzled Snake.

  • Bayonetta is the alpha female. She oozes confidence and isn't afraid to embrace her sexuality.Some called her sexist, but they wouldn't know female liberation if it kicked them in the face with a giant hair boot! She is one the most interesting protagonists ( female or otherwise) in video games.

  • If you've read the other characters, you'll know that I tend to like mysterious characters. The G-Man sums that up pretty well. Who is he? Why does he talk like that? Is he even a real person or just a figment of Gordon's imagination? I have no idea and I love it.

  • The Darth Vader of the Metal Gear series, the first time we see Big Boss he is a villain but in Metal Gear Solid 3 he is the hero showing that even the most virtuous soldiers can loose sight of their original intentions. But unlike Darth Vader, Big Boss's story is more subtle and morally ambiguous.

  • Mordin is such a layered character I'm not sure I ever really knew him. When he is first introduced, he is a brilliant minded scientist with an itchy trigger finger which already puts him in league with Gordon Freeman and Isaac Clarke but what puts him above those characters is his haunted past of heading up the Krogan Genophage.

  • This guy is crazy in the best possible way. He is the funniest and most memorable character in the Elder Scrolls series. I loved him in Shivering Isles and When I stumbled upon his quest in Skyrim I freaked out. I could listen to Sheogorath talk for hours.