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I'm going to give it my all to win this competition!

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@the_atomic_dumpling: That makes perfect sense. Last time I checked the article the voting wasnt available yet, kinda forgot about it until too late.

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I can't figure out how to add games to my top 10 list. There's nothing on the page I can interact with. How do I use it?

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UPDATE: As of the release of the new site, this problem seems to have solved itself


Windows 10

Chromecast 1st gen I guess?

20 seconds into a Gb video the video starts to chug, constant start playing and stop playing with 1 second intervals, started happening 2 weeks ago.

I figured it was my bad router, I bought a new router and it's placed much better, but the same problem persists. I've factoryreset the chromecast, and checked my connection and other solutions.In addition to that, GB video on the browser or on the phone keeps playing with the chromecast icon overlay over it.

It is only with GB videos this problem occure. Youtube, twitch, Crunchyroll etc all works without issues.

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Beastcast has always been released at the perfect time for me. Giving me time enough to get the episode and listen to it through my work-day.

As far as I can see from the page it is going to be uploaded 3pm today wich is late into the night for me. My assumption is that this gives more time for editing, but as for the beastcast being a part of my friday this is a big bummer.

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Vrchat is what you make of it, and who you decide to interact with. Its the internet, something you dont like or offends you will cross paths at some time. But if you know the controls they'll be gone in seconds.

Havent played second life but Im sure there is or going to be a dark side of VR chat eventually. For now Im enjoying kareoke, driving gokarts and making jokes while hanging around the viritual pub.

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@marcsman: Never gave contoller a try, if that was an option on Vive. But it seems to do the game right for PSVR users.
Returned the game so I wont be able to try it. I do hope they polish it for eventual future purchase.

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I wonder if the people saying it's bad are really just tired of shooters in Vr.

I played on the Vive

It's badly implemented shooting. Basicly, most VR-games make sure the bullet leaves the gun wherever it is, and it has a travel-path like a real bulllet would. In Doom VFR you got a inivisible bubble around you wich determines based on your guns position where you're "aiming", making it feel more like a light-gun game from the arcades. Aiming doesnt help, firstly becouse of the way the shooting works, and the game focuses the Graphics on your gun wich makes Everything else blurry if you try to aim down sights. All enemies that get roughly 1-2 meters within your range will be within your "bubble", so you can't shoot them. You have to either teleport/dash, or use the pushback-mechanic, wich in my opinion feels like an afterthought to solve the issue with how the shooting works in the game.

I need to play Doom 2016 again to confirm this, but Doom VFR game doesnt feel/run like the original Doom. Weapons doesnt have the same impact on enemies, they don't behave the same way getting shot in VFR as in Doom 2016.

In addition to that, they are missing some basic settings for left-hand use, customizable controlls and other adjustments that should be there as in most other VR-titles.

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@undeadpool: Thanks, havent memorized all the staff yet ;P