RPGs I own, have played, and for some retarded reason have still yet to complete! (In this generation only, apparently a

The title says it all...

List items

  • Both the first game and RPG I played on my newly purchased Xbox 360. I remember when I first stepped out of the sewers; a moment in gaming I will never forget. Easily logged hundreds of hours into this game, however I've never beaten the storyline. Amazing game, I will go back to it again one day and finish the fight!

  • I love strategy RPGs and this was the only thing remotely close to that genre on the Xbox. The story is pretty weak, however the gameplay was somewhat entertaining. The constrained linearity of it bothered me as the game itself wasn't very polished graphically or mechanically, however I hoped it would get better, and it didn't, and I moved on to other things.

  • The pedigree of Mistwalker made me buy this without question. I tried to love this game, however didn't end up getting very far due to what seemed to be a weak story and characters. Perhaps that changed later, but I wouldn't find out as I soon moved on to another game, again.

  • My second plunge into a Mistwalker game, Lost Odyssey is more mature and up my alley. I thoroughly enjoyed this title and had anticipated it for quite some time, until around 30 hours in or so I stopped playing for a reason still unknown to myself. I enjoyed the story, even though it was somewhat predictable, and heavily enjoyed reading the short scenarios presented throughout the game. I will RETURN!

  • Absolutely fell in love with this game when I first started playing. The characters were likable, the art style very appealing, and the gameplay engaging and entertaining. The only reason I stopped playing was that another game I had been waiting for was released, bought, played, and this somehow got swept under the mat. Again, I will RETURN!

  • I am a Diablo fanatic, and this at the time quenched a thirst for hack-and-slash RPG gaming that I needed to put to rest. Not really considered an RPG, I added it to the list anyway. I would never play this on single player and only enjoyed it with a friend.

  • BioWare, my favourite developer of all time. To be honest, this is the first game from BioWare that I stopped playing for another game, which is disgraceful, as no game has ever been able to pull me away from the masterpiece titles that BioWare puts out! Dragon Age had me at hello, and didn't let me go, until...

  • ...this game came out and stole the thunder! It makes sense now, Dragon Age, why I abandoned you, I cheated on you with your younger and (more appealing?) sister. Oh well, keeping it in the family, I don't feel so bad. Again, my favourite developer offered me an engrossing experience I would never abandon, until yet again...

  • ...I left for someone else, this time for a journey down memory lane and what was, and who was my favourite developer at a time. I'm starting to feel a bit like an adulterer now... What stopped me from finishing this? Apparently a sandbox, just 'cause it fealt so good to play in the sand... *sigh*