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Noticed here: https://www.giantbomb.com/nintendo-labo-toy-con-04-vr-kit/3030-72391/videos/

Videos tab shows there are 2 videos, but the grid/list only shows 1, and the pager says there are "18887 results".

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Surely they are going to announce a Metroid Trilogy release on the Switch now, right or are they going to port the recent Metroid 2 remake?

Metroid Other M for switch ;)

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I'm glad they're trying something new.

I think those first three days could use some work though. Going through the year in release order makes sense on paper, but I found it turned out really boring and predictable (at least if you're a regular beastcast/bombcast listener you probably have some idea of which games came out when and what the crew thought about them).

I don't have a solution, but I hope they mix it up a bit somehow next year.

Days 4 and 5 were more fun to listen to, they seemed to be going less in circles than previous years (though that could be my imagination). Especially the RDR2 discussions were exciting, and had me going back and forth between "I have to play this game!" and "Oh that sounds like some Rockstar ass bullshit, this game would infuriate me, I better skip it" a bunch of times [1].

PS. I did end up not buying RDR2, as almost all Rockstar games have annoyed me enough to never finish them. The only Rockstar game I've finished was "The Ballad of Gay Tony".

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(I ended up replaying the chapter from the start, I didn't run into this problem the second time through)

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Anyone still playing this or played it recently?

I'm stuck in chapter 2. After finding the Yggdrasil tree Gerontius asks me to find Holyhock, which is in a vault near the tree. The vault is made from unbreakable blocks and is locked, so I need a key.

Apparently I can make a key from liquid silver, to get the recipe for liquid silver I need to do the "Silver Hunt" quest for Hazel. However, Hazel seems stuck on something else and isn't giving me that quest. Maybe I missed something?

Any ideas?

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I'm using a Kinesis Freestyle Edge, it's nice to finally have a split keyboard with cherry mx'es. (I have browns, but you can get it with other color cherry mx switches obviously).

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@deckard said:

With announcement-to-release windows getting smaller, digital-only releases becoming more prevalent, and "normal" release times (i.e. Q4) continuing to erode, I think it's time for the GB crew to treat GOTY stuff like the Oscars and move it into January. This year it's especially pronounced - by ostensibly ending the year of games in the first week of December, these games are shut out of contention:

- Just Cause 4

- Smash Bros

- Below

- Desert Child


Those games should just be eligible for GOTY 2019. Any game released after they start recording the GOTY podcasts should be eligible for next year's awards.

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@nutter said:

I think wearing pajamas and uggs out of the house should be a criminal offense and perpetrators should be shot on sight (just kidding). While I won’t go out in pajamas/fleece pants and whatnot (I don’t even wear that stuff unless I’m sick, jeans are comfortable and casual enough), I will rarely go out in workout gear if I’m short on time.

How about out of the house but still on your property, like e.g. taking out the trash? :)

(I don't own any pajamas. But I work from home, so it's sweatpants all day and I'll change into jeans when I go somewhere).

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We're getting Let's go Pikachu for one of the kids as their first pokemon game.

But from the coverage it looks like this has removed enough of the grinding that I'm considering getting a copy for me as well. However, we only have one Nintendo Switch. I guess we wouldn't be able to trade if we have both Let's go Pikachu and Let's go Eevee carts, but just one system?

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I've only had Gold since March this year, but since then:

  • Superhot
  • AC Syndicate
  • And I just started playing Metal Gear Solid 5, I'll probably finish that

I've also bought a few things which were "Deals with Gold", so for now I feel I'm still getting enough value out of it.

EDIT: I almost never play online, only thing recently was Dark Souls (which made me try Gold in the first place).