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It's been a while

So the last time I logged in was over 6 months ago, so much has happened in that time. Started a new version of bemanistyle, threw another successful show in Chicago with the guys from GUHROOVY and other friends of ours, got a job, lost said job, went to E3. It's been a rollercoaster. Either way I'm kind of back in the groove of things now so depending on how I work my time out you may see me around more often again. I'm noticing the rhythm game stuff is getting pretty shoddy again so I may just have to do something about that.

Apart from that I've been pretty tame on the gaming front. Now that I'm back in California I spend a lot of time at Arcade Infinity in Rowland Heights helping keep the place in good order and whatnot. I've also been playing a lot of the DJMAX Portable games and Rock Band Unplugged lately. Despite buying a new 360 I really haven't found much time for it. Maybe I should sit down and finally play through the stack of games I still haven't touched for it.