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Really digging it here...

So I was actually referred to this place because my website (bemanistyle.com) was sourced in a few headlines about the upcoming Guitar Hero arcade from Konami and Raw Thrills. I had heard about the site on Kotaku and Joystiq when it first opened but never really checked it out because I've really never been too into any of the larger gaming websites (I'm usually pretty put off by the layouts and general content). The wiki-based aspect of the site really interests me though, so I've been poking around a bit here and there and I'm really starting to get into it. Even though I have my own websites and projects to work on, I'll probably spend a considerable amount of time here cleaning up all of the bemani related articles on my free time. I've found myself doing the same over at vgmdb.net, where I'm a trusted editor just on the grounds of being so knowledgable about Konami's Bemani franchise.

Enough rambling about myself, I don't want to seem too egotistical now. Hopefully my time here will be productive, and if I meet a few cool people along the way that would be even better.