Methods to Recover Disabled Facebook Account

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Facebook account is essential to you, but the disabled Facebook account giving you lots of stress. There might be several causes that triggered Facebook to block or disable users' accounts. However, it might not be your fault and the chances are your Facebook account was disabled by someone else. In other words, someone tried to access your account and Facebook found it suspicious activity and blocked your account for safety concern, or you disregard the term and condition of Facebook.

Whatever the cause is; here in this post we will describe how to enable disabled Facebook account.

What is a Disabled Facebook Account?

A disabled Facebook account is a condition where Facebook restricts the user's account from accessing due to some suspicious activity on a particular account.

Why Was my Account Disabled?

The cause behind your account was disabled is an unsuitable photo you've posted — the nakedness of any sort is a big no on Facebook. Hateful comments are also moped upon, as is make fun of others, using fake names and unsolicited contact with other users for the motive of "harassment, publicity, endorsing, dating, or other inappropriate behavior."

Your account may also have been blocked. This means it hasn't been totally disabled but you cannot use certain features, such as sending friend requests or messages. The block is momentary, but Facebook will not kick it for any reason, so you should just wait it out and try to inform yourself about what you may have done to grounds the block and try not to reprise the wrongdoing again.

Furthermore, be aware that your account may have been hacked or conceded by a third party, triggering Facebook to disable or block your account if they posted inappropriate content.

Recover disabled Facebook Account

If your account was disabled by Facebook, submitting an appeal to Facebook is only the legal option for you. Keep in mind that reliant on the cause for the deactivation of your account, Facebook may never restore it. Then all you need to create a new account and forget the old. However, here are a few steps that will help you to regain access from the disabled account on Facebook.

Submit an Appeal

Go to Facebook and type your email address and password, and tap on login. If you see a message that says "Account disabled", your account is being blocked by Facebook, it indicates that you can send in an appeal.

  • Open the "My Facebook account has been disabled" page.

  • Click on submit an appeal.

  • After that, the appeal form will open

  • provide your email address or phone number in the box

  • Enter your name

  • Upload a picture of your ID

  • Add details for your appeal

  • Click Send

These were some of the ways using which you can recover your disabled Facebook account. In case you have violated a major Facebook policy and your account has been disabled by them, it may not be possible to recover the account as Facebook deletes those accounts permanently who don’t adhere to its regulations.

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