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How to Subscribe to a Premium Podcast

Hey all, we've finally improved the way you subscribe to premium podcasts, here are the details!

Subscribing to Premium Podcasts

Those of you who subscribed to our premium podcasts know it was kind of a pain to get them working in some of your Podcast players, well we have a much better solution now. Premium podcast URLs now contain a key at the end of the URL so you no longer have to use your username/password!

Simply copy the url from either the feeds page or the podcast RSS button on the individual podcast page (Make sure you're logged in first!):

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The URL you copy should look like this:<KEY>

You can then paste that URL into your podcast app and, like magic, you're subscribed to the podcast (or video feed)!

We've tested this in many different podcast apps, but if you have any issues let us know in the bug reporting forum!