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It's Wiki Beta Time!

UPDATE: Servers should be back up, sorry 'bout that

Limited Beta (On Comic Vine)

As I said in my earlier blog post, we are opening up the new wiki to you all really early to start getting your feedback. Well that time has come! We have a limited beta ready for you guys and we want to see what you think. This beta has a limited feature set and it still needs a lot of design work, but we want to show you what we're working on and how we're changing the edit and moderation flow.

For now the beta is Comic Vine only. We chose CV as the starting point because it has the largest wiki objects and has the most problems with performance as a result. Rest assured though, the same code will work on Giant Bomb with a few modifications, and you all will benefit from this rewrite as well!

Check out our intro video here:

Where can I find this Beta?

Right here:

Why do we need a whole new edit interface?

Well it turns out the existing wiki editing system is just not as scalable and expandable as we would like it. It is very hard to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features. This new wiki we're building will be much more adaptable and expandable and is build from the ground up to be faster.

What is included in the Beta?

  • This limited beta includes a nearly fully featured (but still ugly) Character editing interface (we are missing a couple field types that are still in active development and not quite ready for prime time.)
  • It also includes the moderation interface for moderating these character changes.
  • A new moderation queue that is still missing some features, which we will be adding to as we go.
  • A whooooole bunch of behind the scenes work where we've been spending most of our time. We've completely ripped out the guts of the wiki editing code and replaced it. The interface work is still missing for a lot of features but the backend work is well underway and getting close to feature complete.

Bug Reports and Feedback

If you find any bugs (you probably will, this is a beta after all) or if you have any feedback on design or any great ideas post them here:

I get a 500 error when I try to log in!

If you have a Comic Vine account (created before March 29 2016) you'll need to log into the live site and go through the migration process. Then, the next time we import users (probably next week after April 4th) to the beta site you will have access.

I don't have a Comic Vine account yet

If you don't have a Comic Vine account yet (created before March 29 2016) you won't be able to log in to the beta site just yet. Go ahead and create a Comic Vine account now and next time we import users (probably next week after April 4th) you'll be able to log in.

Will My Edits Go Live?

Nope, all edits made on the beta site will be deleted at the end of the beta. Feel free to make dummy edits that you wouldn't make on the live site.

What's next?

More features! We will be releasing regular builds with new features as we develop them. Follow this blog for updates or if you would like email notifications when new stuff comes out enter your email here:

We'll keep you up to date on news as we progress in the beta, we don't have set timelines yet because we want you all to be a part of the process and timelines really depend on your feedback!